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Open Applications

Would you like to map out different job opportunities but none of the listed ones fit your interest or experience?

We cooperate with multiple companies in the capital regions in both Finland and Sweden and are more than happy to assist you to find a perfect job match.

Please submit your CV below and add a few words of who you are and what type of roles would spark your interest.

Before showing your CV to any company or external party we will get your permission first.

Skills & Requirements

Tell us what are your core skills are and what you'd like to do next.

At Agile Search we mainy focus on software development-roles, e.g.:

  • Software Developer e.g. frontend, backend, mobile, web, DevOps, testing...
  • Software Architect
  • Software Team Lead

About the company

We deliver where others fail

Agile Search offers high quality recruitment services focused on C-level positions and IT-specialists. We solely work with outreach methodology in order to reach the market’s best candidates. We are dedicated to our work with a strong focus on quality and on-time delivery.

We have a strong track record in recruitment to the professional services and IT industry. What we believe to be of utmost importance to succeed is a customer-oriented dialogue, a high energy level and a strong knowledge of both recruitment and the requirements needed for individuals to be successful in the professional services and IT industry.