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Web Developer / Frontend Developer

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  • Göteborg
  • Urval sker löpande
  • Göteborg

Strategic communications agency in Gothenburg looking for Web Developer/Frontend Developer

Are you a curious web developer/frontend developer looking for stimulation and a new challenge to further sharpen your skills? We’ve got the job for you. The level of our customers’ engagement is inspiring, and working in a tight-knit team in an allowing, creative environment is really a great way to spend your day!

At Welcom you’ll find a super tight team of ten, working with digital strategies, UX/UI and programming. We are not traditional frontend or backend developers, instead we have adopted a more hybrid and integrated way of working. This means that we often switch languages, frameworks and various systems, depending on what project we are currently working on.

But we do have a soft spot for:

  • Headless + serverless <3

  • Statically generated sites

  • the JAM stack

  • React (or Vue according to some…)

  • App development using Flutter

  • GraphQL


At Welcom we love solving communication challenges with the help of digital solutions. We work closely together with Our Studio, our sister agency, that is focusing on machine learning and AI, some brilliant art directors and designers, as well as very talented colleagues working in journalism and PR. This means that we’re truly involved in all parts of the process- from the early stages of strategy making to the final codes. Hence we’re able to successfully see projects from start to completion.


...someone who's been working with frontend and/or backend development for a year or so, but who wants the opportunity to try out different fields, languages, frameworks and techniques. You will be part of a team consisting of:

1. System Architect/Solution Architect focused on integrations and heavier backend development

2. Frontend developer who tends to work in some type of Vue or React

3. UX / Designer delivering design in Figma

4. Project/production leader keeping everything together throughout the project, as well as communicating with our clients


We believe that you’re longing to try some new techniques, that you want to grow and expand your skill set. Perhaps you’ve been working at the same place for a while now or maybe work has become a routine? If you can identify with this, Welcom would be the perfect workplace for you! Together we can find a team, a work tempo and a choice of technique that will make you excited again.

Preferably you’ve already spent a few years working in web development and like clean code as well as CI/CD.

Perhaps you’ve got some sort of education in web development? If that's the case - great!


We’re creating an app for the local electricity company where the focus is sustainable electricity consumption. Techniques: Figma, Flutter, NodeJS, GraphQL

We’re creating a wiki for a school; a platform where parents as well as teachers are able to search for information related to students and teachers. Techniques: React, NodeJS, GraphQL, FileMaker

We recently launched lapoint.se, a booking site for surfing and yoga camps. Techniques: React, Headless CMS, Statically generated site

And last but not least! We’re building a CMS for a customer working in the skincare and beauty industry. Techniques: Vue, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB

Welcom is a modern company with a flat organisational structure where equality is key. The aim is for work and general life to be comfortably intertwined. Not in the “always working overtime” way, but in that great way - where you choose to hang out with your colleagues after work every now and then. Just because you like one another so much.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch: [email protected]

We hope to see you soon!

Några av våra medarbetare

Stefan Singer
CTO & Development Lead
"Här på Welcom får vi jobba med fantastiska kollegor, i teknisk framkant i både små och stora projekt."
Amanda Axelsson
AD/ Visuell designer
"Vi älskar att testa nya arbetssätt och tekniker, vilket gör jobbet intressant och roligt."
Julia Erlingson
"På Welcom har vi en härlig dynamik, vi har högt i tak och lär av varandra. Bredden av kunder och uppdrag gör jobbet väldigt roligt och omväxlande."
Niclas Hallgren
Strategisk Copywriter
"Ingen dag är lik den andra på Welcom. Med varierande arbetsuppgifter och med många olika kunder blir jobbet riktigt roligt."

Vi har riktigt bra förmåner

  • Utmanande, men samtidigt dynamisk arbetsplats

  • Ingår i internationell koncern -Rud Pedersen Group

  • Kreativ miljö med mycket hjärta

  • Vi jobbar med kunder från flera olika branscher

  • Digitalt arbetssätt där vi samarbetar över gränser

  • Härliga kollegor som utmanar varandra

Om företaget

Alla uppdrag är olika och kräver olika kompetenser. Ibland är det PR som gör jobbet, ibland är det ett reklamkoncept eller en digital lösning. Ofta är det en kombination. Därför hittar du en bred bas av specialistkompetenser hos oss. Vi som arbetar här är allt från rutinerade branschproffs med internationell erfarenhet till ambitiösa talanger. Tillsammans skapar vi smart strategisk kommunikation som genererar resultat för våra kunder. Och ibland till och med förändrar eller förstärker beteenden i samhället. Här ser du en del av de områden vi arbetar med.

2002Welcom grundades som en traditionell PR-byrå.

2009Företaget utvecklades från att inte enbart jobba med PR till att bli en modern kommunikationsbyrå.

2017Rud Pedersen Public Affairs gick in som majoritetsägare i bolaget vilket utökade vår expertis till att även jobba med PA.

2019Welcom förvärvade digitalbyrån WMYL som nu är en integrerad del i företaget.

Matilda Johansson Kawala | Kontaktperson

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