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Senior User Researcher

  • Urval sker löpande
  • Göteborg
  • Urval sker löpande
  • Göteborg

Role description

In this role you will help lead and drive forward the user research methods in the Experience & Behaviour team at Conversionista. You are comfortable in making your own decisions, but you’re also humble and flexible in adjusting your way of working to client needs and conditions. Data driven methods and understanding the behaviour and experience of the user floats your boat. In addition to this you have experience within the field of user research and human behaviour, both in terms of relevant academic background and/or solid working experience within the field.

What you will do

You will use both quantitative and qualitative user research methods, to collect and analyze data in a structured way to stakeholders so that it's easy to comprehend, and know how to take further actions. You will work with different teams and competences, and also have the competence to train team members at the client on how to run suitable user research methods.

Typical deliverables

  • Qualitative research such as usability tests, card sorting, user interviews, user journeys, customer feedback analysis, personas etc.

  • Basic quantitative data analyses from e.g. Google Analytics, Surveys, Hotjar, Contentsquare or equivalent

  • Presentations and reports of data research findings and insights

  • Preparation for, and facilitation of, workshops based on the research

  • Stakeholder management

  • Setup and apply processes for continuous research work

  • Setup and apply processes for data sharing within organisations

Who are you?

You are a people person who is flexible, adaptive and likes to work in an iterative way. At the same time, you are comfortable in taking your own initiatives and driving things forward. You are a curious person who has an interest in behaviour psychology and is data-oriented. You can be described as strong but humble, and you like to educate others. You are patient and have an analytical mindset. You are communicative, have a critical thinking mindset and also able to see other people's perspectives. You also have a user-centered approach, data-driven and a great storyteller.


You are driven by at least some of these factors:

Driving change, explore and get out of your comfort zone

Passionate about finding the users' perspective and needs

Team work

Sharing knowledge

Do awesome things!

Goal-oriented and a can-do personality

Focus on the big picture and business goals

Några av våra medarbetare

Joacim Kroon
Capability Lead
"There’s a strong culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust and rewards employees’ efforts. I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth."
Sara Johnson
Senior Specialist - Analytics
"The best thing about working at Conversionista is the opportunity to learn and develop. It feels like a privilege to be surrounded by more than 60 specialists that you can learn from."
Enes Terzic
UX Designer
"Perfekt miljø å optimalisere alt fra brukeropplevelser til deg selv, og få betalt for det!"
Peder August Winger
"Jeg trives utrolig godt med å jobbe hos Conversionista!. Utfordrende oppgaver, godt læringsmiljø og dyktige kollegaer!"
Sofia Hjulfors
"I Conversionista får jeg fritt utforske områdene jeg synes er interessante og utvikler meg med nye utfordringer"
Kajsa Hedqvist
Expert - Experimentation
"What I love about working in the Experimentation team at Conversionista is that my passions and strengths get to lead the way for my personal and career development."


Must Haves

- Vast experience in conducting various types and methods of Usability Tests (Guerilla, Moderated/Unmoderated, Lab).

- Interview skills, comfortable in interviewing different types of personas, skills to adapt to the situation (introverts/extroverts etc).

- Comfortable with planning, scoping, conducting, analyzing and communicating research.

- Process management: build frameworks and be able to spread knowledge and educate your colleagues and the client.

- Interest in Behaviour Psychology.

- Confidence in working with Quantitative Data Analytics, Behavioural analytics, and in combining various data sources.

- Ability to shape clear hypotheses, and transform them into actionable insights.

- - Proven knowledge in Sociology, and/or Psychology, Behaviour Psychology or related fields of science.

Nice to Have

- Experience in working with various Project management methods (linear, agile etc).

- Previous experience in working with A/B-testing.

- Working experience in academic context working with big sets of data (Surveys, Comparison testing, etc)

Vi har riktigt bra förmåner

  • HQ Located at the central part of Stockholm

  • Highly refined people development process

  • Passionate colleagues

  • Wellness allowance

  • Worklife balance focused environment

  • Amazing coffee

  • HQ Located at the central part of Oslo

Om företaget

Om Conversionista
Vi är Sveriges största konverteringsteam, som hjälper våra kunder att använda sig av faktiska data istället för gissningar. Utrustade med vetenskapliga metoder synliggör vi våra kunders tillväxtpotential och hjälper dem att nå sina mål.

Vi har sedan starten ökat konvertering i över 600 projekt och det tänker vi fortsätta med. Förutom att vi har Sveriges främsta CRO-experter har vi även startat Sveriges första CRO utbildning Conversion Manager samt Nordens största conversion & growth konferens Conversion Jam.

Idag är vi över 60 konverteringshjältar på tre kontor i Stockholm, Göteborg och Oslo.

2021ARC teamed up with Above, Umain, Cupole

2020Teamed up with Animal, Keybroker, Kurppa Hosk to create ARC

2018Started working together with Curamando and moved to Regeringsgatan 30

2011Company founded

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