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Are you a conceptual creative mastermind who thrives on designing products that make a measurable impact on people’s everyday lives? ustwo is looking for a Lead Product Designer to join their Malmö studio. They are a global studio operating across Malmö, London, Tokyo and Lisbon, with dedicated teams who are developing products and services that have a lasting valuable and transformative effect on both users and businesses. They work across the entire product lifecycle; from visioning and discovery, validating propositions to launching products and services that are valuable to users and businesses.

The design team is made up of versatile designers who have, and are constantly developing and broadening their skill sets and deepening their process knowledge. Ustwo's designers are skilled, confident, and multi-faceted, collaborating across all disciplines involved in the product and service development process.

Ustwo passionately believe that diverse teams help the company make better services and products. They are actively hiring for cultural growth and welcome people of all ages, stories and backgrounds.


As Design Lead at Ustwo, you’ll be intuitive on how to best support the needs of the people, projects and studio. You know when to get hands-on with the details, and when to set your teams up for success by delegating work, while directing and nurturing. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the designers are learning and developing through role modeling, and you’ll provide guidance and support to individual designers and teams.

You will often be hands-on during projects, working with other designers, developers, and delivery coaches to define, build, and iterate solutions for our fantastic clients and partners. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to work with other senior members of the design team, helping the company improve processes, approaches, and strategies for both the design team and the studio as a whole.

ustwo is known for exceptional design craft, they are looking for a Design Lead that can help lead teams to create experiences that not only express brands within products but resonate emotionally with audiences.


  • Comfortable, confident, and competent at managing and directing individuals and teams.
  • Able to frame and communicate challenges and opportunities to clients and teams, and create alignment on a way forward.
  • Growing client relationships and contributing to business development.
  • A brilliant and accomplished designer with proven experience working on things that exist in the real world, not only as prototypes.
  • A natural and inclusive collaborator who can speak to a range of professionals from different backgrounds.
  • Experienced with carrying out strategic opportunity discovery work within a design practice that creates value for clients.
  • Well-versed in conducting research, creating and validating ideas, creating prototypes, and make confident recommendations to the businesses.
  • Someone who takes a wide strategic view of problems, seeking multiple inputs and solutions, and challenge the thinking within the teams and clients you work with.
  • Able to understand progressive ways of working to drive both commercial and design value and have the ability to simplify complexity.
  • Has proven experience creating and leading brand expressive, effective, and emotionally joyful digital experiences.
  • Someone that enjoys being hands-on. Ustwo believe lead designers shouldn’t be separated from the reality of making things.
  • Experienced and confident in visualizing and prototyping concepts fast to communicate ideas.
  • Able to think strategically and systemically about opportunities and challenges.
  • Someone who gives and receives quality feedback in equal measures.
  • Comfortable with experimentation and clear understanding of when to experiment and where to use defined solutions.
  • Has a product mindset and is able to make pragmatic trade-offs while holding a bigger strategic goal in mind.
  • A natural storyteller and presenter.


  • Veteran-level design experience with plenty of years under your belt, deep knowledge and expertise in user experience, research, and product design.
  • Proficiency in, and examples of, how you resolve difficult design challenges, as well as demonstrate ability in leadership, support, mentoring, and working closely with other designers.
  • Experience in being involved in projects that have not always followed the status quo, and can demonstrate times you have challenged dominant design perspectives and broken new ground where traditional design paradigms didn’t make sense.
  • Solid understanding across other design disciplines - Brand strategy, Business design, product ownership.
  • Proven capability of shipping software applications and other design outputs across a variety of platforms.
  • An exceptional understanding of how behavior and context impact design.
  • Impeccable knowledge of design tools and workflows.
  • The ability to multitask and contribute to more than one project at once.
  • A clear written and verbal communication style.
  • Successful stories about how you have helped others to develop, both in their craft and soft skills.


  • Work with multidisciplinary teams on a range of products as the design authority on the project, often managing designers from a range of backgrounds.
  • Advocate for the user at all times to drive value for the clients. These projects typically range from 6 weeks to a year and vary from early-stage opportunity discovery to producing products that go into the market through to recommending changes to existing products and services.
  • Work very closely with other designers, technologists, coaches, and business partners to successfully deliver projects from kick-off through to delivery for the clients. You will own the design process, outputs, and integrity of the project (s).
  • Give and action feedback and input into all aspects of the design process.
  • Advice on team resources for the projects you are working on.
  • Support your line managers with career development, if you are asked to line manage people.
  • Work with the team to develop prototypes, alphas, betas, and live services.
  • Regularly conduct testing with users, design the methodology for these and turn the output into intelligence.
  • Carry out client-facing workshops and presentations and help develop accounts that you are working on.
  • Work with the new business team on developing pitches.
  • Be an expert who is continually learning about your field and help your colleagues improve their design practice.
  • Participate in regular sprint ceremonies for your projects - daily stand-ups, show and tells, retrospectives, sprint planning, etc.
  • Contribute to progressing & improving our culture and ways of working - offering up new approaches.

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