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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2021
  • Oslo
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2021
  • Oslo

reMarkable is a Norwegian technology company that develops products and services to help people think better in a distracted world. In a short amount of time, we’ve grown from a small startup to having over 190 permanent employees and two fantastic office locations in central Oslo. Following the successful launch of our second-generation paper tablet, which has been named as one of TIME's "100 Best Innovations of 2020", we’re facing new challenges and opportunities as we expand into the global arena. That’s why we’re currently looking for Site Reliability Engineers who can automate a moon landing! Are you ready to join the exciting growth of a truly unique technology company?

About the role

As a Senior Site Reliability Engineer, you will collaborate closely across teams and disciplines to create monitoring processes for income-critical services. At reMarkable, we have the luxury of not having to deal with much legacy and outdated technology. We design and develop our own solutions mostly from scratch as part of our market differentiation strategy, from applications to hardware. Teams operate autonomously and make the technological choices that maximize their agility.

reMarkable is still growing, in terms of both employees and customers. We are unique in that we build our own hardware, OS, and software on all platforms, to mention some. We are now looking for skilled SREs with the ability to automate and support vast software lifecycles, front to back, while leading ambitious longer-term DevOps initiatives. In the technology department, we house software engineers qualified in various disciplines. As part of your work, you will be responsible for combining our existing internal knowledge, helping us reach the next level in cloud operations.

We use GCP as our first-choice cloud vendor but are positioning ourselves for a multi-cloud future, namely through Terraform. We are keen on both open-source and commercial partners to leverage communities or retain the luxury of choice. Our backend is so far primarily written in Go, but we also use Node and Python. We follow a few flavours of microservices patterns. We generally operate high-up on the cloud stack, but go closer to the metal for certain real-time needs. Our web solutions are fairly advanced and depicted by SPAs, micro-frontends, pre-rendering and A/B experiments. We’ve refrained, thus far, from using SaaS DevOps offerings and are keen to own our pipelines fully. In the future, we plan on building and deploying additional software solutions to reach our Better Thinking vision further, as fast and near customers as the latest technological advances allow.

Further tasks and responsibilities:

  • Define SLAs, SLIs, SLOs and setup monitoring of symptoms, not incidents

  • Partake in technical work to ensure we are well equipped in Dev(Sec)Ops

  • Investigate root causes to problems across services and stacks

  • Collaborate with several feature teams to find common denominators

  • Scale and implement geographic redundancy for millions of users

  • Run third-party and our own systems on GCP and future cloud partners

  • Automate infrastructure and plan for growth

  • Improve our pipelines and PagerDuty arrangements, as well as participate in PagerDuty

  • Deploy smart, minimal documentation

  • Participate in Alphas and Betas to be one of us

Who are you ?

  • Higher education within Technology or other relevant fields

  • Track record in cloud ops and devops within one or more of AWS | Azure | GCP

  • Solid experience with Linux and Shell, scripting/programming languages, Terraform/similar, Docker and Kubernetes/similar, configuration tools such as Chef/similar

  • Experience with SRE work with close interface to software, security and QA engineers

You learn something new every week. You have an analytical mind and think of edge cases, failure modes and vulnerabilities as soon as you meet a new system. You love to create knowledge for everyone in the most efficient manner. You can’t hold yourself from fixing problems when you discover them. You think that the best mode of communication between machines and humans alike is asynchronous.

Work with great people

Mariana Eggers
VP Design
"Å kunne dele kundenes tilbakemeldinger og virkelig få påvirke produktutviklingen er det jeg elsker med å jobbe i rM"
Ole Øyvind Skaaret
QA Engineer
"Det som er fantastisk med å jobbe i rM er at man raskt blir en del av et team med dedikerte og hyggelige mennesker"
Magnus Heimsjø
Chief Marketing Officer
"Sjansen til å bygge en global merkevare fra bunnen av dukker sjelden opp i Norge. Bli med på reisen!"
Mari Helsvig
Financial Analyst
"I rM får man innsikt i og ansvar for flere forskjellige fagområder, som gjør hver dag både utfordrende og lærerik"
Tobias Strand Johansen
New Product Introduction Lead
"Jeg jobber i Norges raskeste e-commerce verdikjede, med superkule nerder på alle kanter - det blir ikke bedre enn det!"
Henrik Hedlund
Senior Software Engineer
"Jeg liker å jobbe i rM fordi vi har en moderne og annerledes teknologi-stack og man får raskt ansvar for ulike områder"

Skills & Requirements

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to work with a highly skilled and adaptable team in a collaborative environment. We work together to solve everything from production, hardware, software development, marketing campaigns, company strategy, management, CRM, content production, and lots more.

  • Rewarding and challenging tasks that you will see the direct results from.

  • The opportunity to get involved in every step of creating a product used and valued by hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe.

  • Career development opportunities with a focus on professional and personal development, either as a specialist in your chosen field, or a team leader. We understand as a fast-growing company both are crucial to our success.

  • Fantastic offices in our own converted townhouse in central Oslo and a brand new building close by designed specifically for our rapidly expanding team.

  • The chance to join an exciting Nordic tech scaleup in a booming sector.

At reMarkable we offer an unique opportunity to contribute towards building a global tech company. You will join a fast- growing organisation with passionate employees and lots of great social activities. We aim to offer a work environment where you will be challenged and that is centered around our core values of Curiosity, Dedication and Generosity.

As well as offering competitive terms and conditions, you will also have the opportunity to purchase shares at our employee price and enjoy six weeks of holiday per year.

Great Place to Work

  • Konkurransedyktig lønn

  • Kontorplass i Norges kuleste kontorvilla

  • To årlige reiser til hemmelig destinasjon

  • Seks uker ferie

  • Et fantastisk arbeidsmiljø med dyktige kollegaer

  • Din egen reMarkable til odel og eie!

About the company

I reMarkable bygger vi et selskap med de aller skarpeste hodene. Sammen utvikler vi et produkt som definerer en helt ny kategori innen forbrukerelektronikk - på en global konkurransearena!

God arbeidskultur og internt samhold er essensielt for oss og vi gjør vårt ytterste for at alle skal trives og kan yte sitt beste hos oss. Vi forsøker i så stor grad som mulig å dele informasjon og involvere våre ansatte i både store og små beslutninger og som fast ansatt vil du involveres i mange spennende prosesser.

reMarkable har så langt solgt paper tablets for mer enn en halv milliard kroner i nærmere 40 land. Vi har på kort tid blitt et selskap som får mye oppmerksomhet og som planlegger for sterk vekst både kommersielt og i antall ansatte. For å nå vårt mål – å hjelpe mennesker over hele verden å fokusere og tenke bedre – trenger vi de aller dyktigste menneskene på laget. I dag er vi en herlig gjeng på over 120 ansatte i byvillaen vår “Villa Biermann” øverst på Grünerløkka. Vil du være med på reisen?

Jerome Ginss | Contact Person

I'm interested