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CEO and co-founder in medtech/diagnostics startup

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

Everyone has heard of PCR-tests for COVID-19. Together with social distancing and vaccination, testing has been a cornerstone in the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over a billion PCR tests have been performed globally during the pandemic and even with vaccines in place, testing will continue to play a critical role in managing COVID-19. The interest in test systems has exploded during the pandemic.

At Afiyet AB we are developing a cheaper, faster, and more scalable method for molecular biology testing of infectious diseases that works not only in the centralized labs of the developed world, but also at the local hospital in resource limited settings. It’s a microfluidics testing platform that doesn’t require the specially trained personnel or the advanced hardware and lab infrastructure necessary for PCR, but delivers results with similar accuracy.

COVID-19 is not the first nor the last infectious disease to make a huge impact in society, but it is the first time large scale molecular biology testing has proven to be such a critical step in combatting the disease.


  • Technical charactization and clinical validation done (COVID-19) – the method has been clinically validated at Karolinska Hospital for Covid-19 RNA tests.
  • First generation prototype done and second generation prototype in progress.
  • Setting up pilot study in Mexico, Peru and Ethiopia in progress.
  • Patent application filed.
  • Secured first seed investment by KTH Holding.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a CEO and co-founder to drive the business and company development. This is an entrepreneurial role where you are supposed to take the lead on all aspects of developing the business side of the company. We have very strong technical competence in the team and need to complement that with strong business skills to build and grow the company to its full potential.

Key steps ahead of us include:

  • Building relations with test providers around the world for pilots and commercial deals
  • Raising capital to grow the company
  • Taking the product through regulatory approvals
  • Setting commercial strategy and production strategy
  • Building the team

We are at the very beginning of our startup journey, and offer ownership in the company together with the other co-founders. If the company does well, you will do well.

This is a great opportunity to take a leading role in building a high-potential diagnostics company from the very beginning. You will be the driver in creating a company with very high business potential and the potential to make a big difference for people’s health all over the world.

Join us on our journey to make molecular testing for infectious diseases even more efficient and ubiquitous!

Skills & Requirements

To be a good fit for this role, we believe that you should:

  • Have been practically involved in building a new business in medtech/diagnostics – either a startup or new business opportunities within existing companies, including P&L responsibility.
  • Have a solid experience from the medtech/diagnostics industry and insights into product development and regulatory activities in medtech/diagnostics.
  • Have a passion for international business, in particular for working with, and developing products for, resource limited settings (e.g. lower income countries in Africa and Latin America)

We believe in diversity and therefore welcome all applicants regardless of gender, background, orientation or beliefs.

Great Place to Work

  • Business Development Coach from KTH

  • Access to mentor and investor networks

  • Proof-of-concept funding

  • IP and legal counseling

  • Team development support

About the company

Afiyet AB is a recently started diagnostics company based in Stockholm, focused on building sustainable diagnostics platforms for resource-limited and resource-rich settings alike using innovative cutting-edge nanotechnology for molecular diagnostics. The core technology is a microfluidics based LAMP platform that is at least 10x lower cost than typical PCR platforms. Other main benefits of the technology is that it does not require skilled personnel to operate the platform and you can run 20-30 samples in parallel which makes it much more cost efficient and significantly faster.

Afiyet AB started in April 2020 and the founders are Professor Aman Russom, Dr. Ines Pinto and Dr. Ruben Soares from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.

The startup is currently focusing on Covid-19, but the same platform can be used for a large number of infectious diseases which will be firther developed when the Covid pandemic subsides.

This Company is currently supported by KTH Innovation where startup projects receive extensive support from inhouse Business Development Coaches as well as additional support such as proof-of-concept funding, IP and legal counseling, team development, access to industry, mentor and investor networks.

Aman Russom | Contact Person

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