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Visionary entrepreneur for next generation marine hydrofoils

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

What do we do?

We are at the beginning of the hockey stick for the electric revolution in boats. Electric motors of all sizes are launched on the market. Electric boats of all sizes are entering the market. The charging infrastructure is slowly starting to get built in the marinas and harbours.

But since a motorboat at planing or semi-planing has about 15 times higher fuel consumption than a car, and batteries have an energy density 15 times lower than gasoline/diesel, it’s going to be a real challenge to make fast electric motorboats with the range and performance that most users require.

The solution is hydrofoils.

The first generation of electric high speed hydrofoil motorboats is already here with brands like Candela taking the lead. Expensive boats with the hydrofoil specifically tailored for each specific boat design.

We are building the next generation modular hydrofoil solutions where you don’t have to custom build the hydrofoil for each particular boat. Any boat builder can focus on building a great hull, topside, and interior. We provide the hydrofoil solution that makes it fly.

Join us on our journey to make efficient, silent, environmentally friendly, and fast hydrofoiling motorboats the new normal on the water!


The main accomplishments in the project so far have been in the technical development of the hydrofoil module.

We have through several research projects developed a working prototype that is currently being tested in the waters outside of Stockholm.

We have done conceptual studies on a foiling RIB including the mechanism for retracting the foiling system.

We have filed a patent application on key elements of the technology.

All in all, we see a great potential in the concept, but there are several key steps left to take it all the way to the market.

Job description

We need a visionary entrepreneur that can take this technology from the lab to the sea. We have very strong technical competence in the team of researchers at KTH and the technology platform is demonstrated, what’s lacking is the right person to take the lead on everything outside of the tech development to really make this project fly.

It will take a big effort, democratizing hydrofoils is not an easy task. But if you’re up for this challenge, you have a unique opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on the whole boating world for decades to come.

Key steps ahead of us include:

  • Building a hydrofoil boat to demonstrate the technology in full scale
  • Setting the commercial strategy and production strategy
  • Securing funding for demonstrators and to grow the company
  • Building relations with existing and upcoming boat manufacturers all around the world to sell the concept of “You make the boat. We make it fly!”
  • Building a great team

What we offer:

This is a unique opportunity to join our team to develop this visionary project into reality. The idea is to start up a company to commercialize the technology, and you will be a co-founder in that company and most likely take on the role of CEO.

We cannot offer a high salary (it’ll be your job to secure funding for salaries…), but you will get ownership in the company together with the other co-founders, so if the company does well, you will do well.

Most of all, this is a unique opportunity to take a leading role in the revolution of the boating world, and make cleaner, more silent, and more environmentally friendly motorboats the new standard. The next generation of boat users will thank you!

Skills & Requirements

To be a good fit for this role, we believe that you should:

  • Have a very entrepreneurial mindset and be very good at selling a vision to investors, customers, media, and other stakeholders
  • Have a passion for boats and in particular electrifying the boating market!
  • Have been practically involved in building a new business in similar areas (vehicles, complex HW/SW systems, etc.) – either in a startup or new business opportunities within existing companies, including P&L responsibility
  • Be very comfortable with doing business internationally
  • Be able to spend a significant amount of time and energy on getting this project off the ground. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but it’ll be worth it!

We believe in diversity and therefore welcome all applicants regardless of gender, background, orientation or beliefs.

Great Place to Work

  • Business Development Coach from KTH

  • Access to mentor and investor networks

  • Proof-of-concept funding

  • IP and legal counseling

  • Team development support

About the company

Our vision is to build a company that provides modular and flexible hydrofoil solutions to boat builders. Today we have the technology and know-how to build great hydrofoil solutions. Tomorrow we are the company that will make fast, electric, hydrofoiling motorboats ubiquitous!

Our mantra is:
You make the boat. We make it fly!

This project is currently supported by KTH Innovation where startup projects receive extensive support from inhouse Business Development Coaches as well as additional support such as office space, community activities, team development support, IP and legal counseling, access to industry, mentor and investor networks.

Ivan Stenius | Contact Person

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