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Software Engineer

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

Do you want to make the world of robots more human?

For social robots, the time is now: they are no longer science fiction. All over the world - in homes, schools, hospitals, airports, shops, offices, banks, hotels, and more - social robots are being deployed in order to help people lead better lives, support employees, delight customers, and add value to businesses.

At Furhat Robotics, we’ve built an unparalleled integrated software and hardware platform that allows us to do things with our robot that no other robot can do.

Our mission is to enable a revolution in human-computer interaction through social and conversational robotics.

About the position

Furhat Robotics is looking for an additional Software Engineer for our Platform team. In this role, you will interact with projects built using a variety of technology stacks including Java, Kotlin, JS, C++, Unity, Docker, AWS, and more.

Here is what Kaspar, our Head of Engineering, says about the position:

“You will work in close collaboration with me and the rest of our development team on the core parts of our platform. This includes the subsystems for computer vision, audio processing, facial animation, motion control, robot management, and many more. As such, this is an incredible opportunity to have a key role in the evolution of our state-of-the-art social robotics platform. You will contribute to the overall platform architectural direction and implementation choices in the platform, design and implement features, as well as new subsystems in the platform using Java, identify and select new technologies for use in the platform and much, much more :)”

This is what (who?) you will be working with: https://youtu.be/vqZgIOAW9bo.

About us

At Furhat Robotics, you will be part of a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who design and build the most advanced social robots on the planet. We are on a quest to make robots more human, and we are thankful to be backed by some of Europe’s most prominent investors.

We have a very nice office setup that is easily accessible for commuters, our employees choose their own tech gear and enjoy free beverages, snacks, delicious team-huddle ginger shots, health and wellness benefits, occupational pension, health and life insurances, flexible hours, paid vacation and parental leave, competitive options packages, a variety of team building activities such as game nights, AWs, movies, lunch-break swims, lectures, and - obviously - working with some of the coolest technology currently available.

Skills & Requirements

These are the “Must-haves” that we have identified for this position:

  • You need to be proficient at Java with its associated toolchains.

  • You need to have experience from shipping production software.

  • You need to have experience in developing for, and deploying to, Linux.

About our recruitment and selection process

We know that we achieve greater things when we have a diverse team. Different backgrounds, different personalities and different experiences all help to broaden our perspectives and push our innovation and creativity. We welcome and encourage all applications regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age.

The above is one of the reasons as to why we use data-driven and evidence-based methods in our recruitment, e.g. validated psychometric tests, skills tests, and structured interviews. These methods reduces bias and discrimination and increases the fairness and efficiency for all parties.

Note: We will currently only be able to accept candidates that are eligible to work in Sweden without a visa sponsorship.

Great Place to Work

  • Flexible hours

  • Located at Södermalm, close to Södra Station

  • Choose your own tech gear

  • Free beverages, snacks, team ginger shots

  • Personal health insurance & life insurance

  • Monthly workout grants

  • Paid vacation & parental leave

  • Competitive option package

  • Friday breakfast

  • Team building. Game nights, AWs, cook-offs etc.

  • Easily accessible for commuters

  • Work with the coolest technology around

About the company

Furhat Robotics is pioneering artificial intelligence and social robotics with a vision to make interaction with technology truly human. Founded by four PhDs in social robotics at KTH, we are an ambitious team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs backed by prominent investors.

Our product is the most expressive and customizable social robot on the market. It is powered by a state-of-the-art multi-modal conversational platform and a developer suite used by 3rd party developers to build robot applications.

We are convinced that social robots (as a new type of user interface) will follow a similar growth and disruptive role to that of the personal computer and the smartphone. Moving from very expensive technologies, with narrow applications in big corporates, to becoming open platforms for millions of people around the world to develop applications for them.

We are looking for dreamers that share our passion and wants to join our ride :)

Richard Hede | Contact Person

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