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Fullstack Developer

About the role

We’re looking for a new fullstack developer for one of our tech teams. Each team aims to produce sellable machine learning products but is also responsible for delivering projects to one or more of our customers.

The programmer we need focuses mainly on frontend development but should be ready for other fun stuff such as backend development and DevOps when necessary.

Skills & Requirements

What you excel at

  • Frontend development and user experience
  • Writing beautiful and reusable code that’s easy to understand.

What you’re good at

  • Fullstack development


We don’t require any particular experience, as long as you show that you’re a great programmer with a feeling for user experience and design.

Great Place to Work

  • Star-studded teams of engineers

  • Fantastic customers and projects

  • A perfect opportunity to scale

About the company

Machine learning allows us to create solutions that are out of the question with traditional software development. As a result, well-designed algorithms can add tons of value to businesses from all industries.

Unfortunately, there’s still a shroud of mystery that keeps people from seeing just how accessible these technologies are. It doesn’t help that many providers use vague language and often add to the confusion.

We make sure that you see machine learning through a practitioner's lens and help you build the solutions that make you the machine learning pioneer of your industry.

Our goal

We think of machine learning as a new way to develop software and we want to be the first ones to turn the latest research into valuable products.

That's why build our company around autonomous teams that are free to jump on opportunities as they arise and can take that opportunity all the way to a sellable product.

Oscar Johansson | Contact Person

I'm interested

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