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Consultant with knowledge in Graph Technology

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Consultant with knowledge in Graph Technology

We are Scandinavia's leading Data, Analytics & AI experts, which gives us the right competence to help our customers succeed on their journey towards a data-driven decision.

Insights & Data is a large team of specialists and we offer different types of services - consulting, development of digital strategies and roadmaps, design and implementation of AI, IoT, Analytics and Data Management solutions. Of course supported by cloud architecture and cyber security.

As a Graph Technology Consultant, you will work with designing, modeling and building robust data flows, creating an efficient data transporter and you will work with building data architecture for Machine Learning solutions and BI solutions. You will also work with the development of computer science solutions stars on graph technology.

Work with great people

Anna Frylén
Expert Planning Consultant
"Det är härligt att få omges av så många bra, duktiga och drivna kollegor och vi lyfter varandra."
Shakir Bohari
Team Manager
"Det roligaste med mitt jobb är att jag får träffa olika typer av kunder och att jag får jobba med riktigt kompetenta och härliga kollegor."
Erik Gustafsson
Business Intelligence Consultant
"Jag tycker om att vara i en bransch under ständig utveckling, då det driver mig till att lära mig nya grejer."
Merhawit Kidane
Senior Consultant
"På Advectas strävar vi ständigt efter att se förbättringsmöjligheter vilket jag tycker är viktigt för att man ska känna att man utvecklas och kommer framåt."
Anna Frylén
Expert Planning Consultant
"It's great to be surrounded by so many talented and driven colleagues and we always help each other."
Shakir Bohari
Team Manager
"The most fun thing about my job is that I get to meet different types of customers and that I get to work with really competent and wonderful colleagues."
Erik Gustafsson
Business Intelligence Consultant
"I enjoy being in a constantly evolving industry, as it drives me to learn new things."
Merhawit Kidane
Senior Consultant
"At Advectas, we constantly strive to see opportunities for improvement. I believe it is important and it makes you feel that you are developing and moving forward."

Skills & Requirements

Core competence:

  • Knowledge about Linked Data Concepts
  • Architectural Thinking
  • Programming experience of interacting with several graph Databases
  • Data Loading (Ingest) into Graph Databases
  • Data querying and exchange through standardized APIs and Query Languages
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Virtualization
  • Graph Analysis
  • Graph Visualization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Utilizing Indexing and Search Engines in Graphs
  • Modern Agile Development using DevOps

Skills for Knowledge Graphs:

  • Semantic Stack
  • Utilize (W3C) Standards: (RDF, RDFS, OWL(2), SHACL, SKOS)
  • Knowledge regarding several Databases or excellent on at least one: (Neo4J, Cosmos DB, Stardog, Virtuoso, Jena/Fuseki, GraphDB/Ontotext, AnzoGraph, Amazon Neptune, Poolparty, eccenca)
  • Master in Query Language: SPARQL
  • Modelling Knowledge wit Ontologies using Tools like: TopBraid EDG, Protégé
  • Utilize RDF Dev Frameworks (i.e. RDF4J, Jena, Python RDFlib, .NETRDF)
  • Experience in Reasoning and Validation
  • OWL Visualization (VOWL)

Skills for LPG

  • Knowledge regarding several Databases or excellent on at least one (Neo4j, TigerGraph, Azure Cosmos DB Graph, Dgraph, JanusGraph)
  • Master in Query Language: TinkerPop/gremlin, CYPHER
  • Machine Learning on Graphs

Great Place to Work

  • Bonus program

  • Parental benefits

  • Extensive occupational health care and insurance

  • Arts and sports club

  • Fun and inspirational events

  • Flexible work time policies

  • Wellness benefits

  • Generous pensions via Max Mathisen

  • Generös tjänstepension via Max Mathisen

  • Friskvård, massagebidrag och terminalglasögon

  • Flexibla arbetsförhållanden

  • Roliga och inspirerande personalevent

  • Konst- och sportklubbar

  • Företagshälsovård och sjukvårdsförsäkring

  • Föräldraförmån

  • Bonusprogram

About the company

Advectas was founded in Sweden in 2006 with the aim of being Scandinavia’s leading Business Intelligence company.

Over the years we have delivered Business Intelligence and Data Science expertise to more than half of Sweden’s largest companies and according to the most recent customer survey no fewer than 94% are satisfied with us as their supplier. This is one of the reasons we have been recognised as a Gazelle company no fewer than four times by Swedish business daily Dagens Industri. Advectas was recently named Master-Gazelle – an honour only a few companies in Sweden have succeeded in securing.

In April 2020 we became part of Capgemini. Together with them we are now the leading Data, Analytics and AI supplier in Scandinavia. We can now provide 500 analytics experts in Scandinavia and no fewer than 20,000 experts globally. This gives us the right competence and delivery capacity to offer everything from local projects to major global roll-outs.

Hesho Serray | Contact Person

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