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Job Description

Are you passionate about Signal Processing, Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0? Then join us at IPercept Technology as co-founder and make your mark in this rapidly expanding industry.

IPercept Technology is a deep tech startup in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Our novel technology introduces a new era in production equipment utilization through automated diagnostics based on several years of research from KTH in Stockholm.

Our technology enables affordable and meaningful insights into machine health. These insights lead to an increase in availability and performance, as well as a more sustainable operation of machine tools and industrial robots. We address a global value gap in excess of 300 billion USD using automated machine diagnostics replacing today's manual and time-consuming testing methods.

The core of our technology is a patent-pending measurement method and instrument, unique algorithms, smart hardware utilizing sensors, edge computers, and a cloud platform.

What have we accomplished?

  • Developed a new patent-pending technology enabling automated diagnostics of production equipment (machine tools and industrial robots)
  • Successfully released a new plug-and-play product version with a cloud platform to the market
  • Verified the market with strong interest from several large manufacturing enterprises and achieved the first paying projects
  • Got accepted to McKinsey's Ignition Fuel and STING's incubation program
  • Received a pre-seed investment and secured over 1.8 MSEK in funding

We hope our journey becomes yours

By joining IPercept Technology, you will join a strong team in both tech and business development. We are a deeptech company that already has our first customers. We are flexible when it comes to fitting IPercept Technology into your life. The position would start with a part time employment which then would turn into a full time position. The starting date is flexible.

What do we offer?

We offer a core team position in our team, a co-founder role with focus on signal processing. In the beginning, you will work hands-on. With this unique position you take on the role as co-founder of our company, driving IPercept Technology's long-term success and expansion.

Skills & Requirements

Skills and Requirements

In order to succeed in the role, you need to have:

  • An entrepreneurial and teamwork mindset
  • Expertise in digital signal processing and analysis of time and frequency domain signals (e.g. accelerometer signal)
  • Design of digital filters
  • Feature engineering for machine learning
  • Programming knowledge preferably in Python (or Matlab), libraries: scipy (scipy.signal), pandas, numpy & matplotlib
  • Proficient English skills

About IPercept Technology

IPercept Technology AB was founded in 2018 as a university spin-off company by two researchers from the Department of Production Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The founders of the company researched novel sensor-based methods to automate the diagnostics and monitoring of production equipment such as machine tools and industrial robots. The commercialization started with the support of KTH Innovation. The team today has six members who are working in dedication to introducing a new era in diagnostics of production machinery. For more information visit our website: www.ipercept.io

Contact Person
Szipka Károly

About the company

Plug & play automated diagnostics and conditioning monitoring

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