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Junior Threat Analyst (remote)

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Poznań
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Poznań

We are closing the gap between detection and response, utilizing the unmatched threat intelligence of hundreds of our industry’s best technical consultants, millions of devices running our award-winning software, and ceaseless innovations in artificial intelligence. Over the past few years, the company has successfully entered new markets and has increased its portfolio of solutions to include Cyber Consulting and Managed Detection and Response solutions.

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) business provides a world leading managed service that detects and responds to cyber-attacks on behalf of our clients using a strong combination of people, process and technology. MDR team comprises several sub teams, one of which is the Detection and Response Team.

Top banks, airlines, and enterprises trust our commitment to beating the world’s most potent threats.

About the team

We are looking for a Junior Threat Analyst to join our Detection and Response Team (DRT) in Poznan. The team actively monitor the networks of our customers, continuously improve our attack detection capability and develop their own skills to ensure that they stay on top of past and current cybersecurity threats. We work 24/7 in a shift model, but the number of night shifts is limited. Remote work in Poland is possible.

We are also happy to hire Threat Analysts on a regular/senior level.

As a Junior Threat Analyst you will...

  • Proactively investigate telemetry from various data sources
  • Detect, analyze, report and contain security incidents
  • Conduct host, network and memory forensics
  • Perform research and develop use cases to improve the service capability
  • Work with other teams within F-Secure to advance our detection technology
  • and more..

You will be a great fit if

  • Terms like “threat hunting”, “malware analysis”, “process injection”, “covert C2”, “EDR” and “APT” excite you.
  • You love nothing more than reading about attacker techniques and are keen to thwart and respond to the ever-evolving threats they present to our clients.
  • You are both using and developing cutting edge tools to aid detection and response and are keen to keep up with the latest industry developments.
  • You are keen on getting real-world experience responding to attacks of all levels, from script kiddies to nation states, and relish sharing this experience and knowledge with the rest of the team and the industry at large.
  • You keep up with the latest industry developments, are an avid reader of forums like /r/netsec to get your security knowledge fix.
  • You would be able to contribute to enhancing the capability of our dynamic and rapidly evolving MDR platform, whether through direct development, research activities or media opportunities.
  • You have solid experience in both offensive and defensive security areas, either penetration testing, incident response or ideally a mixture of both.
  • You are willing to work shifts (including nights and weekends).
  • You speak fluent English.

In our team you will gather...

  • Strong understanding of Windows, Linux and MacOS internals
  • Hands on experience on network, memory and host forensics
  • Hands on experience on conducting rapid analysis of malware
  • Hands on experience investigating & responding to incidents caused by advanced attackers
  • Experience in conducting hypothesis-driven detection engineering
  • Mixed skillset covering both offensive and defensive security
  • Experience with modern offensive techniques and APT TTP's

Our four promises to you…

  • Freedom – you will have the opportunity to define new ways of working how we engage with our customers, and how product value gets represented
  • You will work together with experienced and enthusiastic colleagues, and within F-Secure you'll find some of the best minds in the cyber security industry
  • Your work will be clearly visible and recognized – all over the world and across our business units
  • You can rely on the support from the entire F-Secure leadership including our top executives

Work with great people

Karolina Malagocka
Senior Marketing Manager
"At F-Secure we see the value of each and every person"
Robert Grześkowiak
Lead Software Engineer
"At F-Secure you won't feel bored. There are opportunities to learn new things every day."
Fairuz Zainor
Malware Analyst
"I joined F-Secure straight after graduating and now, 10 years later, I am still happy to be here."
Ruediger Trost
Pre-Sales Manager
"After more than 11 years, I still go to the office with a smile, even if it is a Monday morning =)"

Great Place to Work

  • Over 1,700 amazing colleagues in nearly 30 offices

  • Possibility to protect the world

  • Work with best of class experts who care

  • Relaxed, open and fun working environment

  • 68+ of nationalities

  • Global with the spirit of a small company

About the company

You can’t design culture!

The F-Secure team is diverse, fluid, fun-loving, and full of energy.
It’s our job to preserve that, so we’ve made it our business to help
individuals traverse from passion to passion, from specialism to
specialism, from the flavor of today to tomorrow’s. We move with their
needs, and help them build Pathways, always focusing on the things that
make them happy in and beyond of the office.

See yourself here? Bring your best self and apply now.

1988F-Secure established under the name Data Fellows

1992First public hysteria about a computer virus

2002First Antivirus for mobile phones

2004F‑Secure Labs launches first antivirus industry blog

2009F‑Secure’s next step into the cloud

2015F-Secure aims to become the leading European cyber security company

2018MWR InfoSecurity joins F-Secure

Piotr Sasak | Contact Person

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