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Software Engineer - API

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At Meltwater, we’re creating the next generation media intelligence solutions for a global client base. We’re an international company with engineering offices on 3 continents and sales offices all over the world.

We are more than 1500 people across the globe, so there is a lot going on. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and building teams with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. This approach not only raises the quality of our products for our customers but makes collaboration along the way much more fun.

Read our underthehood blog to see which problems our engineers are solving.

What you’ll do

As part of the Meltwater product suite, we offer an API that provides content, analytics and insights to customers, and allows customers to use this data in their own tools and to build advanced custom solutions.

Our team is responsible for improving and maintaining this API. In this role, you will be improving the existing API and building new features. You will be working as a member of a small, but experienced team based primarily in Reading, UK.

Our tech stack

Our 2 primary languages are Scala and Golang. For this role, you must know Scala, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to know some Golang too. We do make use of other languages where appropriate. For instance, our QA tooling is written in TypeScript to allow us to work with the Jest framework.

All engineering teams are given Autonomy to work how they would like. Because of this, we have a separate team dedicated to helping us keep moving quickly by providing a base set of managed technologies so that we can keep moving quickly without having to worry too much about big infrastructure pieces. These include infrastructure for receiving logs, metrics and tracing data. They also manage the Kubernetes cluster.

Therefore, we run our services on Kubernetes and AWS where they are either containerised or serverless wherever possible. Because we are an autonomous team and our applications are deployed in the cloud, we take great pride in the DevOps mindset and skills that allow us to manage all of our services and resources as a team. Within our team we do a weekly on-call rota, once you’re up-to-speed and comfortable you’d be expected to join the on-call rota. One of Meltwater’s core principles is that we stick together. This is how we approach the problems that we need to solve.

Other technologies we make use of are Grafana, Kibana, Drone, Kong, Jest, Terraform, Opsgenie and Benthos.

Skills & Requirements


  • Strong working knowledge of Scala

  • Good knowledge of Functional Programming

  • Good knowledge of Unix/Linux systems and bash/shell scripting

  • Experience with Kubernetes or alternative container orchestration

  • Experience with AWS managed services (SQS, SNS, Lambda, RDS) or similar cloud service providers


  • Familiarity with the Typelevel stack and http4s

  • Familiarity with infrastructure as code (Terraform)

  • Familiarity with CI/CD

  • Knowledge of microservices design and implementation

  • Knowledge of Golang

  • Knowledge of the other technologies listed above

  • Experience with stream processing technologies

  • Experience with the agile software development process - we use Scrum and have 2-week sprints

This role would be a good fit for someone who:

  • Loves creating a good developer experience. You’ll be working with some of the most important ways that customers interact and extract data from within Meltwater, so you’ll do well if you care as much about your code as you do about providing our customers with a great user experience.

  • Enjoys collaboration. Our services rely on platform components run and managed by other teams around the world. So if you enjoy working together with other teams to understand the problem and work out a solution, you will thrive in this position.

  • Values clear, open communication. We see clear and thoughtful communication (including a willingness to give & receive feedback) as a fundamental engineering skill, especially in the world where we are all working remotely.

  • Has some experience. For this position, 2+ years of experience writing Scala is essential.

  • Enjoys Kubernetes and serverless. All our services are either in Kubernetes or using a service that AWS provides, such as serverless or RDS. So experience with the same or similar technologies will definitely be an advantage.

  • Loves working with a small team. Our team is currently 7 people including our Engineering Manager and Product Owner. Before the pandemic, we worked every day from our office in Reading. We’re looking forward to a time when we can start to get together a day or two per week. We do love working remotely, but we do love the prospect of getting together for architecture, sprint planning and retrospectives. In a world not dealing with a pandemic, you will have opportunities to travel to meet your colleagues at our awesome internal conferences.

Great Place to Work

  • Competitive Salary

  • Fresh fruits & free drinks

  • Internal hackathons

  • Personal Branding Support

  • Ergonomic desks and chairs

  • Great hardware

  • Opportunities to travel in Europe and the U.S.

  • Open Source Contributions

  • Conferences and Tech Talks

About the company

Meltwater truly believes that people with different backgrounds and perspectives will make our environment better and raise the quality of our products. We’re actively working with diversity and inclusion and encourage everybody to join us in our journey.

Please note that you must have the legal right to work in the UK and can work from the Reading office once every 1-2 weeks as a minimum. Therefore this position is open to people living in and around Reading and London.

Ollie Parsley | Contact Person

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