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Data Analyst

  • Stockholm +1 more
  • Stockholm +1 more

We are looking for a data analyst to join our team in Stockholm or Göteborg.

The team consists of web analysts and data analysts.

Your job is to use data to find patterns and help solve the problems faced by businesses in innovative and imaginative ways. In this role, you should have a strong analytical mindset, great attention for detail and excellent communication and presentation skills. You should be able to tell stories with data and make it accessible and understandable for the receiver, enabling them to gain quick access to business-critical information and providing stakeholders with actionable insights so that they can base their decisions on that.

You'll extract, analyze and interpret large amounts of data from a range of sources, using tools and techniques such as algorithmic, data mining and of course, statistics. All in order to make it actionable and accessible to businesses, this combined with being a solution-oriented team player.

What’s in it for you?

Okay, this was a lot, but you get a lot in return as well. You will work with really exciting brands (yes, not the same forever, your super skills need other challenges) where your voice and actions will matter.

What we as a company will deliver is a caring organization that will support you so you can combine work and your personal life.
You will have team colleagues that will offer an atmosphere where helping and trust is important. Your colleagues will be nerdy, that is how they can be best in class and keep challenging each other to be better.

This is how we can guarantee you steep personal growth!

Work with great people

Joacim Kroon
Capability Lead
"There’s a strong culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust and rewards employees’ efforts. I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth."
Sara Johnson
Senior Specialist - Analytics
"The best thing about working at Conversionista is the opportunity to learn and develop. It feels like a privilege to be surrounded by more than 60 specialists that you can learn from."
Enes Terzic
UX Designer
"Perfekt miljø å optimalisere alt fra brukeropplevelser til deg selv, og få betalt for det!"
Peder August Winger
"Jeg trives utrolig godt med å jobbe hos Conversionista!. Utfordrende oppgaver, godt læringsmiljø og dyktige kollegaer!"
Sofia Hjulfors
"I Conversionista får jeg fritt utforske områdene jeg synes er interessante og utvikler meg med nye utfordringer"
Kajsa Hedqvist
Expert - Experimentation
"What I love about working in the Experimentation team at Conversionista is that my passions and strengths get to lead the way for my personal and career development."

Skills & Requirements

  • A degree from a university (or equivalent) preferably with a focus on computer science, engineering, mathematics or a related field
    - Why? Well, it’s probably given you some critical thinking.

  • 3-6 years of experience working within this field. We're looking for multiple seniority levels.

  • Solid experience with programming languages such as SQL, Python, R and have strong database design

  • Working experience with web, product, marketing, or App analytics via Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or other platforms
    - and if you haven't and still think you’ll fit, please tell us!

  • Able to work efficiently and proactively in a fast-paced environment and must feel comfortable presenting and interacting with stakeholders
    - You got to step out of your basement and start talking to management in their language

Other desired experiences

  • Build algorithms and design experiments to merge, manage, interrogate and extract data to supply tailored reports to colleagues and clients as well as inspire others to see the benefit of your work
    - handling data is your cup of tea

  • Eager for self-development and stay up to date with the latest technology, techniques, methods and to make the data science field within Conversionista progress
    - yes you will have all the necessary means to expand our value offering

  • Previous experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning
    - yes we like the buzzwords too

  • Previous consulting experience
    - this is important but not a dealbreaker

Great Place to Work

  • HQ Located at the central part of Stockholm

  • Highly refined people development process

  • Passionate colleagues

  • Wellness allowance

  • Worklife balance focused environment

  • Amazing coffee

  • HQ Located at the central part of Oslo

About the company

We are Scandinavia's largest team of conversion heroes.

At Conversionista, we aid our clients by using true insights derived from data. Combined with scientific methods we enable our clients to grow and reach their desired goals while also establishing a firm foundation for their future.

Our conversion heroes are the top priority, that's why we have processes in place that mentor, coach and develop them to be the best version of themselves. We know that a consultant that grow their skills and can manage their work-life balance can deliver greater services.

Conversionista also founded the first CRO program called Conversion Manager and is currently hosting the largest Conversion & Growth Conference in the Nordics - Conversion Jam.

Today, we are over 60 conversion heroes in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Malmö.

2021ARC teamed up with Above, Umain, Cupole

2020Teamed up with Animal, Keybroker, Kurppa Hosk to create ARC

2018Started working together with Curamando and moved to Regeringsgatan 30

2011Company founded

Daniel Lundkvist | Contact Person

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