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Klimato is looking for a climate savvy CTO
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Application Deadline: Oct. 30, 2020

Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Henric Hansson

Job Description

Klimato is looking for a savvy climate hero to join as CTO

Klimato is a KTH-born startup providing a digital tool for the food industry to fight climate change. We are looking for a tech-savvy climate hero to lead our product development. The food industry accounts for 25% of total emissions and at Klimato we are offering a web-tool for restaurants to calculate, report, set targets, and ultimately reduce emissions from food. Currently working with 80 restaurants across Sweden and Norway, we are on a mission to build cool products that make climate impact a top priority for restaurants and consumers in the food industry!

Food & Climate Change

Recent reports from the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization are urging the industry to take action, emphasizing the need for industry actors, policymakers and consumers to change behaviour. On Swedish turf, Jordbruksverket is pointing to the fact that changing diets could cut food-related emissions by 50%.

How is Klimato making this happen?

Maybe you have seen the progress of Impossible Meat, Max Hamburgare, and Oatly. This green wave shows that the industry is adapting and restaurant visitors are liking it. However, as with any business activity, if you can’t measure it, you probably can’t manage it. This is what we are enabling our users to do - By building products that help restaurants to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of the food they serve!

Our product:

By working with climate data, we are providing a web application for actors in the restaurant industry to:

- Calculate and label carbon emissions on their menus and products

- Track progress and detect areas of improvement through monthly reporting

- Offset unavoidable carbon emissions through carefully selected projects

Who will I be working with?

You will be joining our developer team, currently consisting of two full time- and one part time developer who have built our current product. In total, we are a nine member operation with mixed backgrounds from Environmental Engineering, Design, Innovation Management, Digital Marketing & International Development. The one thing we do have in common is a pragmatic approach to fighting climate change!

What will you get from us?

- Competitive salary + stock options

- Large creative freedom to develop our current web tool and other future products

- A multitalented team that truly believes in the potential of technology to fight climate change

Skills & Requirements

Who are we looking for?

- Full-stack with experience in React, React Native Vue.js and Node.js

- Burning interest in fighting climate change

- A big plus if you have an interest in project management, pulling together people, ideas and practical solutions, and like to present results

About the company

Klimato is a startup with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by climate labeling meals for restaurants. With our web application it is really easy to calculate and communicate the climate footprint of each dish to encourage customers to choose climate friendly options on the menu.

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