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Sr. Service Designer

  • Stockholm
  • Stockholm

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a senior professional who wants to play an incremental part in shaping how Conversionista works with service design. In fact, we believe you’ve probably done something similar before and have the proven ability to lead and inspire others.

You are a thought leader within the field and have a solid understanding of digital trends, future technology and how to shape successful businesses through human-centered design. Thanks to this, you’ll bring a clear vision of how service design can be truly research and data driven.

What you'll be doing:
You’ll take ownership of service design as one of Conversionista’s expert areas by leading and inspiring both clients and co-workers. As part of one of the strongest groups in the industry, containing management consultants, brand strategists, designers and creatives, you’ll make sure to leverage your internal network to exceed expectations from both existing and new clients. You’ll also use your strong connections in the industry to bring in new talent and business.

Typical Deliverables:
- Improve existing and create new services models for our clients
- Identify new growth opportunities through various research methods
Lead multi-disciplinary teams through complex challenges
- Shape concepts based on insights and science
- Prototype with design teams and define experimentation methods
- Strategic responsibility for a number of client relationships
Overlooking and handling large projects with multiple work streams and sub-projects

Work with great people

Joacim Kroon
Expert - Analytics
"There’s a strong culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust and rewards employees’ efforts. I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional growth. "
Sara Johnson
Specialist - analytics
"The best thing about working at Conversionista is the opportunity to learn and develop. It feels like a privilege to be surrounded by more than 60 specialists that you can learn from."
Hans Petter Blindheim
"Digger hvordan selskapet løfter SEO opp til toppledelsen samtidig som jeg får overført min kunnskap inn i bedriften!"
Enes Terzic
UX Designer
"Perfekt miljø å optimalisere alt fra brukeropplevelser til deg selv, og få betalt for det! "
Ina Kristin Haugen
"Å være Advisor er utrolig lærerik, spennende kunder og kolleger som er eksperter på sine felt. Lærer noe nytt hver dag."
Kristian Borgen Torgersen
Senior Manager
"Her jobber vi med en bra miks av konsulenter og digitale eksperter for å skape store, varige forbedringer på prosjekter. "

Skills & Requirements

  • 15+ years of experience working within the field of service design
  • Proven experience managing teams, clients and projects with outstanding results
  • Thought leadership in design, technology, and digital trends
  • A strong network within the industry
  • Tons of passion

Great Place to Work

  • HQ Located at the central part of Stockholm

  • Highly refined people development process

  • Passionate colleagues

  • Wellness allowance

  • Worklife balance focused environment

  • Amazing coffee

  • HQ Located at the central part of Oslo

About the company

Conversionista is the leading conversion agency in Sweden. After 600+ conversion projects we’re now expanding our service areas to offer our clients a more holistic and long-term approach to building experiences. By creating a Design studio alongside our traditional Optimization Programs we fully empower our clients to become best in business.

Being part of Conversionista also means being part of one of the strongest digital communities in the Nordics, formed together with our sister companies Animal, Curamando, Keybroker and Kurppa Hosk. United as one force, we help our clients with perfecting customer journeys, explore new opportunities for growth, build premier e-commerce from scratch, and design totally new digital products & services.

2020Teamed up with Animal, Keybroker, Kurppa Hosk

2019200 people went sailing in Croatia

2018Started working together with Curamando and moved to Regeringsgatan 30

2011Company founded


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