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Marketplace sales and growth consultant

  • Stockholm
  • Stockholm

You currently work or have a hands-on experience working with a Marketplace platform/s (Amazon/Zalando/T-mall etc.). Experience in any industry, and whether you have worked with a large corporation, or a start-up is not the most important thing here.

Complete overview of the seller platform, marketplace fulfillment services and various advertising avenues. In depth understanding of the operations including of seller registration, product listings and complete fulfilment process. Knowledge of marketing and other growth levers on a marketplace platform is a plus. These are the things which you can easily discuss with or educate clients and colleagues. You have the expertise and the knowhow of various tools to grow the client’s business on a marketplace platform. You take pride in assuring that everything is done before the customers have their products.

The structure and preparation required for a successful and flawless brand launch, on a marketplace, comes naturally to you. So, does discussing the content and graphic production required to ensure that products receive optimal views, reviews and how one can improve rankings through smart and supportive advertising.

Equally important is that you can argue, based on your own experiences, when where and why a brand or a product category should have presence on a third-party marketplace.

What can you expect from us ?

At Curamando, you will be part of projects across industries, geographies and various platforms. You will gain such width and depth of experiences which would be impossible to amass working on the client-side. You will be exposed to new industries, clients in various stages of digital maturity, and sudden challenges in mid of a project that no one could have anticipated but requires your attention. You will meet and interact with both C-level management, client-side experts, vendors and suppliers. Within this context, you will have the opportunity to further improve your ability to quickly understand and assess a situation, effectively frame the issue, and present clear and structured arguments for your reasoning.

The best part of working within Curamando is that we all have diverse experiences and backgrounds and together we have solved everything that has come in our way. We’ve experienced exceptional growth since we launched and as we see it, the journey has just started. We look forward to having you aboard on our journey and are confident that we can contribute to yours.

Work with great people

Johan Peuron
Principal, SEO
"I don't think one can find a better place for learning and working with digital traffic acquisition"
Helen Rydlinger
Expert, Analytics
"I get to be in charge of my own development whilst being surrounded and inspired by great people"
Thomas Jung
Expert, SEM
"Curamando provides an environment where I get to develop with colleagues and clients."
Frida Gauw
Senior Consultant, SEO
"I enjoy working with several companies in different industries – both stimulating and developing!"
Johannah Albin
"Awesome colleagues and a great platform for personal development - it just makes every day fun."
Nils Östberg
"The combo of broad competence and deep expertise at Curamando is a stimulating environment to be in."
Benjamin Lingius Cerda
"Fun projects, great colleagues and a working environment that enables me to reach my full potential!"
Johanna Styf
"Feedback and constantly increasing responsibility makes me grow and develop as a professional."
Jonas Wallentin
"I’m equally inspired and humbled to be part of this journey with the best colleagues in the business"
Sandra Larsson
Senior Consultant
"Almost every day I do something I haven’t done before, with people I normally wouldn’t work with"
Caroline Hedlund
Senior Consultant
"Working at Curamando is like being a student at the best school of digital marketing."
Malin Oras
"Working at Curamando means working with the most competent, experienced and inspiring people I have ever met!"

Skills & Requirements

Is this for you?

  • 3+ years of experience within marketplace

  • Strong sales and or brand growth experience

  • Knowledge of marketing on a marketplace is a plus

  • Experience in managing agency relations

  • Budget and forecasting experience

  • Good academic background

  • Consulting background is meriting

Great Place to Work

  • Offices in central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo

  • Highly refined people development process

  • Passionate colleagues

  • Wellness allowance

  • Worklife balance focused environment

  • Great coffee and endless snack selection

  • HQ Located at the central part of Oslo

About the company

"Management consultants and digital marketing experts that support companies’ online revenue growth by optimising marketing and sales operations. What we do!

By assessing your current marketing and sales performance and organisation, we identify the gaps between where you are today and where you need to be. We close the gaps by providing expertise and hands-on action. We’ll roll up our sleeves.

How we do it!

To facilitate necessary change and optimisations, Curamando’s consultants support your business in dedicated projects or as your strategic in-sourced digital marketing partner within:

  • Analytics and insights
  • Traffic acquisition management
  • Marketing technology and data accessibility
  • Digital operating model and change management
  • We call it Business Remastering.

Our foundation consists of Delivery, People and Value – the pillars of our performance model. Together, they create a platform for mentorship and describe expectations. Ultimately, they attract, retain and build talents.

The Delivery dimension focuses on the assignments, know-how, competence and practices.

The People dimension focuses on the communication, empowerment and leadership of internal and external colleagues.

The Value dimension focuses on creating value for the company, for example by finding new talents, creating new revenue streams through sales, assisting in marketing activities or building the company in any way or form.

2012Company founded in Sweden

2017Started Oslo office at Nedre Slottsgate 21

2018Curamando opens an office in Gothenburg

2018Acquired Conversionista and moved to Regeringsgatan 30

2019Conference: 200 people went sailing in Croatia

2019Teamed up with Animal, Keybroker and Kurppa Hosk

2020The group takes the name ARC Arise Consultants Group and becomes a family of six - now also joined by Cupole.

2021Above and Umain are added to ARC.

2021ARC goes to Åre for a conference - which we of course call "ARCON".

Suminder Pal Singh | Contact Person

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