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Job Description

Hello there. We're Sievo.

Our diverse team is united in their mission of creating smart and seamless procurement analytics solutions that have the customer’s needs at their heart.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about UI, are eager to learn new ways of improving their code, and are not afraid to try out new things! We understand software quality as an ability to exceed user expectations by providing a simple intuitive way to fulfill their needs. We take our time to write quality code, so that we can go fast in the future.

Our development is currently done in React and we believe that the concept of microservice also extends to the frontend world! Each microservice should have its own UI and we are bundling things together using webpack and web components. We are invested in using Azure and our new micro frontends are mostly static websites served from Azure CDNs. For providing analytics we use Qlik Sense, and therefore we also use Qlik APIs in our frontends. Naturally, as we have a proven track record of fifteen years in business, we do carry some legacy code with us. We have some Angular and jQuery code, which we are constantly modernizing or rewriting.

We are adopting You build, You run culture, where the team is responsible of designing, implementing, deploying and monitoring their own services. This means that we the teams are truly multi-talented, and the best way for us to build such teams with T-shaped professionals. We reserve time to learn new, exciting things and encourage everyone to broaden their skillset and to share the learnings to others in recurring knowledge sharing sessions. For you, this means that even though your role will be focused on frontend, we do expect you to have some understanding of how backend works and we offer you the possibility to learn about Azure, DevOps, function apps and both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Our current frontend stack revolves around React and includes

  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-saga
  • React-hooks
  • Styled-components
  • Storybook
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Webpack
  • Web components
  • Qlik Sense
  • Micro frontends
  • Azure

As a Frontend Developer you love to:

  • actively take part in your team’s planning sessions and other relevant meetings
  • actively collaborate with your team’s service designer and product manager
  • implement new features, but also maintain some old ones
  • write tests for your code
  • perform code reviews of new items
  • add relevant tasks to backlog
  • participate to the frontend guild meetings and give relevant input
  • share knowledge and help others
  • share ideas of continuous improvement

We are looking for individuals with strong knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and experience with

  • at least one modern JS library (React is considered beneficial)
  • modern frontend practices (ex linting, code reviews, CI/CD pipelines etc)
  • unit testing
  • component driven development
  • responsive websites
  • web components and micro frontends is considered beneficial
  • Azure, C#, SQL and general interest in backend / devops / databases is considered beneficial

Now we would love to hear from you. Tell us about yourself and especially why would you be the almost perfect Senior Frontend Developer at Sievo and how would you bring us to the next level. If you have a Github account, have contributed to open source projects, have a personal project of which you're particularly proud or are currently getting neck-deep in a new tech about which you're really excited, tell us all about it!

If you are as excited as we are contact us by dropping your documents/links to our recruitment system so we will be in touch. If you don't have sample code to show, we might give you a small assignment to work on. Read more about us and Sievo at www.sievo.com.

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We welcome you to one of the leading procurement software companies of the world. Love the freedom of working in a growth company with talented and passionate people - the family of Sievonians. We live by the "Get shit done - and relax after" manifesto. So if you want to enjoy your life as a whole, including sustainably paced work with good benefits - join us.

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