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Job Description

What’s your favorite day drinking route?

How do you get to that secret rave?

What’s your mom gonna do when she visits you in Stockholm?

Which 5 institutions does a refugee have to visit when coming to Sweden?

Let’s build an app to create, share, and sell these routes. Add pictures, add audios, make them secret or public.

That’s Shnake!

Where is Shnake now?

Shnake can be downloaded on the AppStore right now! We’re also working on launching on Android and are part of KTH’s pre-incubator program.

Specific marketing strategies have not been developed yet - this is where you come into play!

Job description

We are looking for a co-founder passionate about marketing to join us. You will be a decision-maker, a visionary of our marketing strategy. You will tell us which channel to focus on, which demographics to target and how much to spend on advertising. You will be at the core of our activities, helping Shnake reach new heights!

This job will require a mixture of social, analytical, and organizational skills.

The position is part-time and unpaid, shares are given out by milestones.

Shnake believes in diversity and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and beliefs.

What Shnake offers

When joining Shnake, you will have the unique opportunity to be a founder in a fast-paced start-up. The experience you will make here will be invaluable to your future professional life. You will learn to take over responsibilities, communicate clearly with your team, and turn criticism into success. Most importantly of all - you will learn that working for your own ideas can be the best thing you’ve ever done. You will leave a legacy!

On a more practical note - as a co-founder, you will acquire company shares by milestones!

About the company

Shnake is waiting to be founded and fastly moving towards its goal!

The project started as a personal programming project in Berlin initiated by Vincent and his flatmate, Björn, in Summer 2018. Björn, an IT student, dropped out shortly after we finished our first prototype and Vincent moved to Stockholm to do his master’s at KTH. Since then, it has been Vincent’s side project, which he continuously worked on in his free time. In January 2020, Silviu (design) and Anathea (business development) joined him. They entered the KTH Innovation pre-incubator and have been working together since.

Skills & Requirements

Required skills

We want you to have a substantial willingness to learn as you do! You should be charismatic, bold, direct, and a team member.


  • Passion for marketing!
  • Great English skills

Generally, you will be using:

  • Google, Facebook, Instagram marketing tools
  • Trello/Slack
  • Google Analytics / Amplitude

And it would be beneficial for you to:

  • know how to use the Adobe Suite
  • be familiar with social media
  • have a fundamental knowledge of marketing
  • like design/aesthetics

Hiring Manager
Anathea Cristea

About the company

Shnake is about creating a social network, aiming to give tourism a new dimension where creative minds can design and share unique, fun and adventurous routes. It is essentially digitalizing the world of tour guides, where anybody can be a storyteller.

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