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Aleksandra Górna

Job Description

KickBack is an e-commerce company, allowing users to save real money. We have two core products - voucher-code sites and cashback platform. In the last year, we have delivered a new version of our cashback platform to Sweden. This year we plan to expand it and migrate Norway users to it.
We have deployed our NodeJS microservices on GCP using Kubernetes. For the frontend, we use ReactJS alongside with Next.js.
In Gdańsk, we are a team of three full-stack developers, working closely with CTO located in Norway.

We call the product “Rabagas”, because “voucher code” in Norwegian is “_Raba_ttkode” and our approach fits the play by Sardou. It implies some rebellion. Voucher code sites make up the vast majority of the revenue generated by KickBack. We are among the best at SEO and we run the voucher code sites for some of the top media sites across Europe. Through this platform, we have commercial relationships and generate sales for more than a thousand e-commerce sites.

The frontend and CMS are made up of Drupal 9. We use Docker to build one image for Drupal, which is then expanded with custom modules. Using a minimum amount of contributed modules (just one) we have built a very efficient tool that allows our content managers to be twice as productive as our competitors. The toolchain is up to date, running the latest version on Ubuntu 20.04.

The vacant position focuses on taking ownership of this product, enhancing or replacing existing code, and expanding it with new modules for features that have been requested by the content managers. As such, it fits best for a person that can take an idea and iterate on it in collaboration with the content managers. You will have access to Analytics and transactional data, so you can participate in the business discussions if you like.

You’ll be assisted by our designer, who has built the theme we are using, and an experienced system administrator. But it is expected that you know how to configure and tune the parts directly related to PHP, e.g. PHP-FPM, OpCache etc.

About you:

  • Ready to assume the position as a technical product owner
  • Has worked on Drupal 8+ or other large PHP applications
  • Has experience running LAMP or LEMP stack in production
  • Is comfortable with Docker and/or Linux
  • Can find your way around CSS and JavaScript (jQuery)

It would be great if you can demonstrate a deep understanding of how browsers work, i.e. how they actually treat cookies, redirects, JavaScript events. For search we use Elastic.

About the team:

We try to learn new things every day, improve our skills, and spend our time where we are sure it delivers actual business value. We have moved to an architecture with microservices and containerized applications, in order to be less tied to specific frameworks and languages and to be able to experiment more. Drupal is obviously a big monolith, but a lot of back-office services run separately. We value tests and clear code over documentation. We are more worried about shipping too late than too early.

About the company

Schibsted Tech Polska is a programming hub, creating mobile & web applications for the best Scandinavian start-ups & media companies. With more than 200 employees combined in Kraków & Gdańsk, we're focused on developing news, marketplaces web & online applications, as well as helping Scandinavian startups to improve their business.

We're a Scandinavian company in mind - with a flat structure, modern technology stack and a mutual trust as a pillar of our great atmosphere.

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