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Backend or Fullstack Developer - Blocket Tech, Stockholm

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2020
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2020
  • Stockholm

Want to make an impact with your code for millions of users for one of Sweden’s most well known brands? Work with circular economy and at the same time save around 800 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases yearly? Yes, that is called karma! Big time! Welcome to Blocket, and specifically team Ad In, with endless opportunities for everyone, where you contribute to a more sustainable future during your working hours.

We are Blocket, Sweden’s largest and most popular marketplace with around 12,3M monthly active users generating 85 million sessions. We are proud of our work to enable second-hand trade in Sweden and our contribution to a positive environmental impact.
Want to get a feel for the Blocket vibe? Check us out on Instagram & LinkedIn and read more on Begagnateffekten!

What you'll be up to
You'll be part of the Ad In-team. Ad In is short for Ad Insertion and we work on products and services related to creating and managing ads on all of our platforms (Blocket, Blocket jobb, Bytbil, Jobbsafari and Stepstone). This includes creating, paying for, reviewing (automated and manual) and managing your ads but also providing statistics, automated imports and other tools for our professional sellers. We work towards both private and professional sellers and, of course, support our customer service staff.
The team consists of about 15 developers and QA coaches, primarily working in two separate main streams: private and professional sellers. In this role you will be working as a backend developer for the professional seller stream.
The professional seller applications and services are mainly built in Python, but we also have systems in C#, javascript and golang.
We have been working hard over the last years to transition from on-prem and monolith systems to microservices in Docker and AWS.
In this role, you will be working with both internal systems and third party integrations (both client and different tech partners). We are big fans of asynchronous systems design but always try to take a pragmatic approach.

Skills & Requirements

Who you are
We believe you have a few years of experience as a developer. Your current language of choice doesn’t really matter, as long as you are open to learn and try new things. Of course it doesn’t hurt to know one or more of the languages in use but we believe that you can learn any language, or tech stack, if you really want to.
In addition to being kind and helpful we hope that you are someone who wants to learn new things and likes to share your own knowledge with others.
If you are curious, want to understand the problem we are trying to solve and like to find data that supports, or contradicts, your hypothesis - you will thrive in this role.
Bonus points if you have worked with some sort of message broker and/or Docker.

Hi, we are team Ad In!
The best part with our team is the nice, relaxed atmosphere. Our colleagues do a great job and are always very helpful. And the same goes for Blocket as a company. Blocket consists of sensible people with healthy thoughts and values around equality, the environment and diversity. I.e. no snobs :). At the same time, there is a genuine feeling that the company really cares about us Blocketeers - extra wellness hours currently when working remote, massage, great benefits, newly renovated office (however, currently still work from home) etc. In addition, the way our leadership team has handled the Corona outbreak and adapted to the new situation, with the Blocketeers’ well being put first, makes us proud.
Lena as our manager really cares and does whatever she can in order for her team to thrive and grow. She is present, a great listener and coach, ready to challenge and develop your needs and desires. And she will always have time for you, whether in the regular one-to-ones or spontaneous needs.
Welcome to the team! /Therese and Mårten

Hello from you Manager
Hi! My name is Lena and I am the Engineering Manager for the wonderful Ad In team at Blocket Tech.
You might know me from my smash hits "What do you need from me to make that happen" and "What's stopping you from trying that". I believe very strongly in inclusion, psychological safety and daring to be vulnerable. I try my best to meet everyone with the type of leadership they need, not the one I am the most comfortable with. This of course only works when there is trust - I promise to work hard on earning that.
I am very proud of the team and our mission. We are truly at the heart of our business - without any ads there would be no marketplace, right? This means you get to see how the changes we make have a direct effect both on customer satisfaction and on our business goals. We strive to work data- and hypothesis driven as far as we can. And perhaps most important: the people in the team are all so very helpful, friendly and cover a wide range of skills, experience and backgrounds.
Please reach out on Linkedin if you have any questions, I am happy to connect!

Interested in joining the Blocket world?
We look forward to hearing from you! Send your CV or apply with your LinkedIn-profile and let us know what makes you tick. We would love to get to know you a bit better! Questions - feel free to reach out to lena.wiberg@blocket.se


Buzz: developer, backend, Python, C#, fullstack, backend engineer, software engineer, AWS, Kafka, Docker, Utvecklare, software development, golang

Great Place to Work

  • 30 days holiday

  • Fun events including awesome Kick Offs

  • Excellent learning and development opportunities

  • Generous annual wellbeing allowance and much more

  • Parental leave premium

  • A great, modern office in central Stockholm

  • Breakfast every Monday and fika on Fridays

About the company

The Blocket journey began in Skåne 1996 - since then the concept of Blocket has been exported to over 40 other countries. Today, Blocket, which is owned by the media group Schibsted, is Sweden’s largest online marketplace. There are approximately 600 000 items, vehicles, jobs and housing being advertised and discovered by its 5 million visitors every week. The value for all advertisements in 2018 amounted to SEK 714 billion - equal to 15 percent of Sweden’s GDP. Thanks to second-hand trading at Blocket, 0.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided every year. The output being equivalent to if Stockholm’s city roads stood empty for about a year. Blocket has approximately 240 colleagues and the office is located in central Stockholm. Together, we are passionate about second-hand trading, the environment and the continued growth of Blocket - one of Sweden’s largest sites. We are proud environmental heroes, https: //www.blocket.se/inspira ... and enjoy working together, https://www.blocket.career/.

Lena Wiberg | Hiring Manager

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