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Program Associate (MEST Express)

  • Application Deadline: July 26, 2020
  • Accra
  • Application Deadline: July 26, 2020
  • Accra

Based in our Accra Hub, the MEST Express Associate will support the MEST Express Manager in the planning, implementation and management of the Express accelerator program as well as any attendant duties and tasks. The role will be largely administrative and executive i.e. tracking and reporting, communication with relevant stakeholders, and other general administrative and support duties. There will also be a research component.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide inputs, perspectives, and insights that support the planning and development of MEST Express programs
  • Coordinate logistics and program management of MEST Express events, sessions, meetings and programs.
  • Produce documents, papers, reports and presentations that support the activities of the MEST Express Manager including document design and creation useful for marketing and/or stakeholder updates.
  • Support with the coordination, production and publishing of MEST Express reports blogs, media productions, videos, social media and public relations content.
  • Support with the coordination of recruitment contacts, calls, and notifications; and maintain records of recruitment activities.
  • Organize and/or attend planning and stakeholder meetings; where appropriate, create meeting or engagement reports; provide assistance during presentations and programs.
  • Conduct surveys, and other research activities in support of MEST Express data-gathering efforts.

The Person

This young professional will be a diligent detail-oriented executor with excellent communication skills and an eye for the future. He or she will be flexible, adaptable and ready to improvise innovative solutions to challenges that arise. He or she will be hardworking, open to learn and grow within the role and ready to join the fast-paced environment of the startup ecosystem.

Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s University degree or higher
  • 2+ years of working experience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration and team engagement skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to review, digest, analyze and present material clearly and concisely
  • Excellent word processing and IT skills, including knowledge of a range of software tools: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.
  • Ability to handle and complete administration duties independently
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Familiarity with standard business practices
  • Flexibility, Agility & Adaptability; open to changes, able to respond quickly, and adjust to changing circumstances
  • Ability to multi-task; ability to juggle a range of different tasks
  • Ability to accomplish based on one’s own initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Honour, honesty, empathy and reliability
  • Discretion and confidentiality


  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • A chance to make a significant impact- transfer knowledge and skills
  • Skills development outside of typical day-to-day roles
  • Exposure to some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and investors through guest lectures.
  • On-the-ground operational experience in high-growth markets.
  • Broadened perspective through exposure to out-of-industry problems, players, and technologies.
  • Invaluable international work & life experience in an entrepreneurial organization supporting talented African tech entrepreneurs.

About the company

Founded in Ghana in 2008 via the Meltwater Foundation, MEST Africa was built on the idea that talent is everywhere, but "opportunity" is not. We believe scalable tech companies that originate in Africa and solve real problems, are the key to creating meaningful employment locally.

Our mission is to create work and wealth by training, supporting and investing in talented entrepreneurs who can build and scale these businesses, and become job creators.

At MEST, our strength is the quality and efficiency with which we deliver our programs to support those we serve. To date, we have trained over 330 young African entrepreneurs, supported the founding of close to 60 startups across the continent, and received global recognition for the impact we’ve had in Africa.

With support from the Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works initiative, we’re in the process of scaling up across Ghana over the next three years, via three innovative and exciting programs: Pre-MEST, MEST Express, and MEST Scale. The three programs will enable MEST to scale its impact and reach exponentially more young people at more touchpoints along their entrepreneurial journey in Ghana, and in time, across the continent.

Pre-MEST, MEST Express, and MEST Scale


The Pre-MEST project will target youth by partnering with local universities, existing tech hubs, and coding programs. By reaching entrepreneurs earlier than the MEST Training Program, the adapted MEST curriculum can be more widely distributed, increasing our reach exponentially.

MEST Express

With MEST Express, an abridged version of the MEST incubation model, MEST can reach more startups by condensing the incubation period along with incorporating key components of the MEST Training Program, to offer startups an accelerated and adapted model. Initially, we will take two cohorts a year of young startups, targeting 10-15 companies per cohort, with a focus on key skills development, product launch, sales and marketing, investment readiness, and growth strategy. Select startups will receive seed funding.

MEST Scale

MEST Scale is the deepest of the three programs, designed for enterprises that are at the ‘scale stage’ with the intent to bring them to the next level. The program will target small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who have sound operations, have reached break-even, and have core product(s) developed that are competing in the market to provide targeted, bespoke, and deep strategic, operational, and technical support. The objective is to position them for large-scale growth.

Felix Darko | Hiring Manager

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