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Demand Generation Manager

  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2020
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2020
  • Stockholm

We are looking for a Demand Generation to join our Marketing team. As a Demand Generation Manager, you will lead the inbound lead generation efforts in the marketing team with the goal of handing over marketing qualified leads to the Sales Team in an automated and scalable way.

You will be part of the Marketing team but work especially close with the Sales Development Representative (SDR) function of the Sales team. This demand generation role is a completely new role within Mentimeter and you will have the chance to shape it in the way that you see would provide the highest business value for Mentimeter. Since it's a new role, not everything will be 100% set up and you will very much be part of the evaluation, choosing marketing tech stack and the ways we work with demand and lead generation in the marketing team.

We use the theory of Predictable Revenue, and reference Dropbox and Slack when we see the future of Mentimeter. Mentimeter is a service that is loved globally and our growth has been almost 100% organic. Sales are currently growing over 10% per month and you will be the driving force to accelerate that growth even further.

We believe that a brilliant person with the right ambition can really leverage their time at Mentimeter. We are growing fast, and with us, so can you. Most importantly, we are looking for a candidate who is eager to develop Mentimeter to a world-leading position. You will be one of the leading individuals making this happen.

Responsibilities for the role:

  • Generating marketing qualified leads for Enterprise Sales by setting up and maintaining scalable lead generation channels within our user base (growing with thousands of users on a daily basis)
  • Managing inbound marketing strategies, including the ability to orchestrate every detail and then measure results
  • Suggest and lead the implementation of new tracking and systems to increase efficiency and streamline your efforts
  • Work closely with both sales and marketing to ensure marketing activity and sales goals are aligned
  • Provide analysis of potential new areas to explore to generate leads as well as reports of the impact of your lead generation efforts

What resources do we have to support you:

  • World-class lead-generation from the Marketing and Product teams
  • Marketing and Sales team to support tactics
  • Sales Development Representatives to support in lead qualification
  • Sales Operation function
  • Professional CRM and data gathering services (Intercom, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Salesforce)

Work with great people

Front-end Developer
"Dog videos vs. Cat videos is the ever ongoing fight of Internet. Soner has clearly picked a side: Doggos. The cuter and hairier the better."
Sales Manager Europe
"All the way from Italian metropolitan via small town of Switzerland to Stockholm to be a part of the Menti-family. It's like it was written in the stars (check the cancer sign)."
Product Manager
"Anna is a Stockholmer and a part of the Mentimeter KTH alumni crew. When she's not innovating at Mentimeter, she's doing jumping jacks on the handball court or partying in the USA."
Head of Brand
"As a kid Carl wanted to be a fashion designer, but ended up doing the next best thing - branding and PR. When he's not at Menti he's touring Sweden with his cover band (apparently they're terrible)."

Skills & Requirements

Must-haves for the role:

  • 3-5 years experience with at least 2 years of hands-on experience and proven success in a similar role within the SaaS industry
  • Have been part of implementing (or have a strong understanding of) the marketing and sales tech stack in an inbound marketing context. Examples of this could be; experience in using CRM systems such as Salesforce and Marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, Intercom, Pardot and Customer.io
  • Knowledge of how to enhance campaign performance and nurture current prospects
  • A strong understanding of how both the tech stack and the tracking of user-behavior enables automation and scale
  • Data-driven and analytical mindset
  • Strong personal leadership and analytical skills with experience in project management
  • A strong candidate would also have experience of working with scale in order to be able to manage potential leads from the thousands of new users signing up every day (your focus will not be on acquiring new users and leads but rather nurture the ones coming in organically)

Not required:

  • You don't have to know Swedish (daily work is carried out in English)

Compensation model

We strongly believe in the power of together, and we put a lot of effort into collaboration, teamwork and helping each other whenever needed. We believe that every part of Mentimeter, from Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives to Frontend Developers and Marketing Managers contribute equally to our continued success. To foster and emphasize this culture and way of working, we apply a non-commission based salary model in our sales roles, which has proven to be very successful and appreciated across the team.

Great Place to Work

  • Competitive salary

  • Daily lunch at the office made by our private chef

  • A diverse, modern and inclusive work environment

  • Private pension insurance at ITP level

  • External leadership coach for every team member

  • Attractive insurance package

  • Education and continuous professional development

  • Wellness allowance 5000 sek/year

  • Annual 1 month inspiration trip

About the company

Our vision is to transform presentations, meetings and lectures by turning passive audiences into engaged contributors. We make this possible through our interactive presentation platform where the traditional presentation monologue becomes an inclusive dialogue. We believe in the power of together and that the most successful leaders listen to be heard.

With Mentimeter, users become the best presenter they can be. Meetings become more productive, participants learn more and have fun whilst doing it.

We have more than 80 million users and customers in 150 countries. On our way of making the world a better place, one presentation at a time.


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