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Mentor at KTH Innovation
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Contact Person
Magnus Oskarsson

Job Description

About the KTH Innovation Mentor Network

KTH Innovation’s mentor network consists of experienced and engaged persons that want to contribute with their expertise, network and advice to innovators from KTH on a pro-bono basis.

KTH Innovation will introduce and connect student/researcher entrepreneurs/innovators to suitable mentors to make the commercialization of ideas and research results from KTH more effective. Primarily mentors will be matched with one of the 30 startups that are currently in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

The mentor network is:

  • for people who want to get in contact and interact with interesting tech innovation projects from KTH at a very early stage
  • for people with experience from one or several areas relevant for innovation development such as their own entrepreneurial journey, industry background, technology development, funding/investments etc.
  • a way for you to support aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators from KTH
  • a way for you to pay it forward and contribute to a better society

As a selected mentor to KTH Innovation startups and innovation projects you will:

  • participate in an initial matchmaking session
  • be matched with at least one case currently in development at KTH Innovation, this is most often a team of several students and researchers.
  • meet with your mentee(s) for at least 1 hour at 6 separate occasions during the course of 6 months. The topics and plan for mentoring will be based on the individual case but KTH Innovation will provide a possible framework for mentoring sessions.
  • be invited to attend meetings with other mentors in the network as well as other events in the KTH Innovation community.
Skills & Requirements

The Mentor Network at KTH Innovation is suitable for you if you

· Want to help very early technological innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs

· Want to contribute through your competence, time and professional network

· Want to share your knowledge and experience with the innovators of the future

· Share our passion for innovation!

We welcome and read all applications

We will select mentors based on the profile and fit with current startups and innovators in our programs. Therefore, please be aware that a potential delayed response to your application might be a result of non-optimal timing and subject to fit with the current need of startups in our development process.

About the company

About KTH Innovation

KTH Innovation support the startups sprung from the technology hotbed of KTH. We work in the early stages to help our startups reach the next level. We give professional support for all of KTH’s research platforms and our startups operate in areas such as Information and Communication Technology, Energy, Materials, Life Science Technology and Transport.

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