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Wanted: Co-Founder with business mindset

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

Do you want to be part of building the start-up that will disrupt tourism and be a game-changer for city-guides all around the world? Storyline is the new app, addressing the need for easy-access and personalized tours, with a social dimension to enhance the experience.

I have built the foundation and know the tech. Specific marketing and business strategies have not been developed yet - this is where you come into play! I am looking for a co-founder and potential CEO to complement my tech skills and joining me in building the success of Storyline.

Your primary role will be to build a user-base to the platform. This includes attracting corporate and/or individual users to create high-quality public content as well as users that are willing to use the functionality of the app on a regular basis. Part of focusing on growth will also be to analyze users’ needs, so that the app development is always focused and relevant.

An ambitious, but reachable goal would be to reach 1 000 regular users within the first 6 months. To reach this goal, hiring employees will probably be crucial. Since the startup will most likely not be making profit for the first year, developing financial strategies to hire new employees and cover marketing costs will also be on the agenda for growth.

What Storyline offers

When joining Storyline, you will have the opportunity to be part of founding a company. You will have to take on responsibilities, research the market, find creative solutions and turn criticism into success. Most importantly of all - you may also learn that working for your own ideas can be the best thing you’ve ever done.

On a more profane level - as a co-founder you will acquire company shares, which will be a result of a well-discussed consultation with the business advisors of the KTH Innovation team.

Skills & Requirements

I am a strong believer of learning by doing and therefore very little hard skills are required. This however implies a substantial willingness to learn and the capability of doing so quickly! You should furthermore thrive in networking with people, in creating and communicating new ideas and working in teams. This requires you to be approachable, empathetic and direct. Last but not least, you should also be somebody who gets your hands dirty and thereby gets things done!


  • very good English

And it would be beneficial for you to:

  • speak Swedish
  • have an IT background and/or basic programming skills. Communicating with tech and understanding the current bottlenecks of development would certainly help the team work together better.

About the company

Imagine you have friends visiting you in Stockholm who are asking you for places to go. Let’s forward them an email with a list! No ... they would have to google every single entry to check where it is. Let’s send all pinpoints of cool places separately! No... that would be a huge effort and a super long WhatsApp message...

Alright then. Why not send them a route of places on Google or Apple Maps with a few comments, images and audios added to the respective pinpoint? Because that functionality doesn’t exist.

Storyline is a mobile app that addresses this problem. It is about creating a social network where people can meticulously create their city or country tour, share it with friends or even make it public within the app. It is aiming to give tourism a new dimension where creative minds can design unique, fun and adventurous routes, which they can also, if desired, charge for. It is essentially digitalizing the world of tour guides, where anybody can be a storyteller.

The project started as a personal programming project between two flatmates Vincent (me) and Björn in Berlin in summer 2018. Meanwhile, after Björn has decided to focus on his studies, I have brought the project with me to Stockholm, where I want to bring it into full swing!

Where is Storyline now?

Storyline is waiting to be founded. It will be one company, offering one app, which offers a marketplace and a social network for routes.

Currently, there is a beta version running, which could already be launched in the App- and Google Play Store. The app can be tested on Android using the Expo Client app, and the app itself is available on storylineapp.de. The app now supports creating own routes and accessing public routes by other “storytellers“. For the next version I am looking to implement social network functionalities so that stories can also be shared with friends only, and perhaps I may even implement payment features already.

Before launching the current version, I am still testing some features and I am also looking for a design overlay, which will include developing a logo and general design themes to accompany our journey.

And lastly, Storyline is planning to apply for the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, which will give us access to excellent counseling, investor networks and office space at KTH in Stockholm.

Vincent Lohse | Hiring Manager

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