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Senior Data Scientist
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Location: Gothenburg

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Daniel Eliasson

Job Description

Do you want to truly make a difference? This is an opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, and if we succeed, you will be a part of helping thousands of people fight cancer every year. At Gnosco we put our skills and experience to use making health care systems more efficient and more user friendly.

We are looking for a passionate and driven Senior Data Scientist who thrives in ever-changing environments and who is up for the task to create AI solutions to diagnose and treat skin cancer and chronic wounds.

As a Senior Data Scientist, you will lead our work in AI, both hands on and from a strategic perspective. You will develop models, create infrastructure, tests, work with data and do what needs to be done to solve the problems at hand. You will be a key part of the development team, and the company, and work on getting functionality into the product and shipped to customers continuously.

Skills & Requirements
  • You have hands-on experience implementing machine learning systems that are used in production, along with a deep understanding of ML theory
  • You are a solid software developer that understand what it takes to ship production grade code
  • You are comfortable working in cross functional teams and on products with short development cycles and quickly evolving priorities
  • You are fluent in Python or R, and are eager to learn new languages
  • You are pragmatic, product-focused and passionate about the end results, not just the techniques used to get there
  • You are a great communicator and you're comfortable explaining complex results, models and methods to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • You are a friendly and nice person, who wants to do your part in making the world an even better place.

It's a plus if you

  • Have experience from the MedTech area.
  • Like networking and taking part in organisations that drive the enhancement of AI in health care.

We are looking for a problem solver and doer with a creative spirit. Challenges do not scare us, but rather inspire us. We think you feel the same. With your positive attitude and unique perspective, we hope you want to share the journey into unexplored territories in the intersection between medicine and technology.

About the company

Gnosco provides a CE-certified digital teledermatology solution called Dermicus for fast and secure diagnosis of skin cancer and wounds. Dermicus is used by health care professionals and the system involves a mobile phone, mobile app and a web-platform. Clinical data and images are rapidly and easily collected by using the phone and sent to specialists for assessment, diagnosis and advice for treatment.

Dermicus improves the patient experience with faster diagnosis and it increases communication and collaboration between the healthcare providers. In addition, Dermicus provides a continuous E-learning platform for doctors and nurses to enable the adoption of teledermatology and supporting transformational change within the healthcare system.

Some of the benefits experienced include efficiencies gained due to less physical referrals to specialists, reduced costs due to fewer excisions and most importantly, an improved patient experience due to faster diagnosis.

For more information about the company and products, please visit: www.dermicus.com and www.gnosco.se.

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