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VFX Artist (Stockholm Studio)

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We are looking for a VFX Artist for our Stockholm Studio in Sweden.

Rovio’s Stockholm Studio is the studio behind the hugely popular Angry Birds 2, the bigger, badder and birdier sequel to the global phenomenon that put Angry Birds on the map. While they continue to expand and improve that title, they are developing new IPs and game ideas, specifically within the RPG genre, with the mission of becoming the best mobile RPG developer in the west. This presents a great opportunity for the studio to mix their experience with accessible, inclusive, mass-market games, with their personal love for RPGs. Their design pillars are: dynamic, character-driven, and highly social. They are motivated to create mid-core games that are both approachable and challenging.

You will be creating stunning visual effects in unity and add atmosphere and depth to gameplay. You are an excellent observer and expert dissecting animations and visual effects. Designing textures and geometry needed for stylized VFX is part of your routine.

You will be working closely with animators, character artists, technical artists, art direction & game design to forge unforgettable experiences for our fans.

Work with great people

Victor Lemeshev
Senior Backend Developer
"What I personally like most about my job is that I can always expand in new directions, when there is a need for that."
Nicole Yang
Data Analyst
"Our Stockholm office is the best. Comfy surroundings and also working on some of the most popular mobile games in the world. All in a day’s work."
Marc Olivier
Senior Game Designer
"At Rovio, I found that teams have the freedom of an indie and the kind of support only a major developer can offer."
Jan Lidtke
Art Director
"Making games is awesome, but the good vibes in the office and beautiful Finnish scenery are the icing on the cake."

Skills & Requirements

Your responsibilities as a VFX Artist:

  • Create and implement real-time particle effects and animated shaders
  • Design handcrafted special FX textures from scratch and match the benchmarks
  • Own the technical setup and troubleshooting in Unity
  • You are skilled with related disciplines such as as concept art, animation and modelling
  • Photoshop, Maya and Unity are part of your basic toolkit

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Experience as a VFX artist in the games
  • Experience on published games using Unity
  • Awareness of the needs of mobile game development from early concept to life-ops
  • Comfortability with rapid prototyping while having adaptability to more substantial iterations during development
  • A gameplay and mobile first mindset
  • Strong interest in games & animated series, with a wide range of FXs in the portfolio, from environment, UI, to character FXs
  • Strong communication and being open to receiving feedback
  • Diligence with documentation and sharing your work proactively with the team

In the Stockholm studio, we keep a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency, and open communication. Our team is always trying to find ways to improve our projects, tools, communication, and ourselves, while keeping the atmosphere friendly, inclusive, respectful and super supportive. With paid overtime and basically no crunch we also respect each other’s time. We make sure that we learn both from our mistakes and our success as we grow both in number and in experience. At the Stockholm Studio you will be working with great co-workers in a team-oriented, informal, international, and inspiring working environment.

Your demo reel illustrates your excitement for visual effects in games – preferably mobile and using Unity. We’re looking for team members who bring their passion and creative spirit to everything they do. If that describes you, this is a great opportunity to work in an ambitious and lively environment.

Great Place to Work

  • Flexible hours

  • Growth opportunities

  • Rewards and recognition

  • Inclusive atmosphere

  • Support for families

  • Relocation assistance

  • Phone, laptop

About the company

Rovio is a games-first entertainment company that launched to worldwide fame with 2009’s Angry Birds. Along the way, their games have been downloaded over 4 billion times, they have sold over 1.8 billion licenced products, and they have conquered cinemas around the world with The Angry Birds Movie, which opened at number one in 50 countries in 2016.

Rovio’s three game studios are actively developing and supporting free-to-play mobile games in a wide variety of genres, both under the Angry Birds brand and also with new, original IPs. 2019 promises to be a big year for Rovio. With The Angry Birds Movie 2 coming to theaters in August, and the 10th anniversary of Angry Birds coming later this year, it is an exciting time to be part of the team.

Dan Shiel | Hiring Manager

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