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Senior Product Manager with Line Manager responsibilities

  • Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2019
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2019
  • Stockholm

Mentimeter is listed as the fastest growing Swedish startup in 2018. Our vision is to transform presentations and meetings into fun and interactive experiences by making it easy to listen and to be heard.

We are building a modern and diverse product-first tech company based in Stockholm. We’re currently looking for a new Product Manager and leader to join us and help us develop our product and make it even more appealing to our global 600 million addressable market.

So far we have 60 million users and customers from over 150 countries.

The responsibility of a Product Manager is to be the driver of different teams and projects. You will be working together with the Chief Product Officer and VP Product and be a part of the product management team. Within the product management team you will create, prioritize and maintain product backlogs according to business value and ROI.

Your daily work and responsibilities will be leading one or several teams of developers, designers and others in achieving goals set by you and the product management team. This requires leadership, technical understanding, project management and excellent communication skills (verbal, written and conceptual).

You will also be product owner for parts of the application landscape and customer journey where you will set goals, identifying challenges, issues and prioritize sets of projects/epics/tasks.

We seek someone that has the ability to understand the Mentimeter team, product and customer. A creative soul with a problem-solving mindset who can transfer solutions and ideas into requirements/stories for flawless execution.

Responsibilities for the Product Manager role:

  • As Product Manager ensure that great features, bug fixes and enhancements are shipped
  • You will be the coordinating source to make sure we prioritize development time in a way that Mentimeter reach our ambitious future goals
  • Keep a happy and efficient team
  • Identify and develop necessary decision material
  • Part of the product management team that sets the product strategy
  • Help Mentimeter form an effective and agile product team structure as the team is growing

As a Line Manager at Mentimeter you also have additional personnel responsibility, including:

  • Personal development of your team (360-evaluation, career coaching, education for each member)
  • Salary setting
  • Own recruitment process
  • Hiring decision
  • Onboarding

You are supported by other Line Managers in the company and we all gather in our HR Committee to ensure Mentimeter is successful and make sure people enjoy their time at Mentimeter.

Work with great people

Front-end Developer
"Dog videos vs. Cat videos is the ever ongoing fight of Internet. Soner has clearly picked a side: Doggos. The cuter and hairier the better."
Sales Manager Europe
"All the way from Italian metropolitan via small town of Switzerland to Stockholm to be a part of the Menti-family. It's like it was written in the stars (check the cancer sign)."
Product Manager
"Anna is a Stockholmer and a part of the Mentimeter KTH alumni crew. When she's not innovating at Mentimeter, she's doing jumping jacks on the handball court or partying in the USA."
Head of Brand
"As a kid Carl wanted to be a fashion designer, but ended up doing the next best thing - branding and PR. When he's not at Menti he's touring Sweden with his cover band (apparently they're terrible)."
Customer Success Manager
"You might find Sylvia playing with her beloved dog (or any dog for that matter!) or watching Friends, of which she is a true fan. If you're lucky - she might also invite you to some Bulgarian dancing!"
Data Visualization Developer
"Taylor moved all the way from US and A to join the Mentimeter team. Part of the MGC (Menti Ginger Club) and a nerd when it comes to visualization."

Skills & Requirements

Must haves for the role:

  • Worked as Product Manager or similar roles for 5+ years
  • Interest in coaching people in their personal and professional development
  • Academic background
  • Strong communication skills (verbal, written and conceptual)
  • Project management skills (planning, resource management, organizational skills, stakeholder mgmt, release planning, etc.)
  • Experience from leadership (scrum/kanban) in teams and be a supporting force to developers
  • Ability to manage self and many different tasks
  • Ability to say no (to developers, to sales, to customers and to Johnny)
  • Co-operational skills (you will be working with many different functions and people)
  • Be analytical and data-driven
  • Creative thinker and a problem-solver; Great ideas and solutions for the product management team is expected
  • Skilled in requirements work, develop stories and backlog grooming
  • A little bit of “Jane of all trades” to help out where it is needed. Testing, customer interviews, workshops etc.
  • Attention to details
  • A tech interest and understanding of how development works is a must
  • Experience from team leadership in agile organizations (scrum/kanban) with a proven track record of production results and well-functioning teams
  • Experience from line/people management

Not required:

  • You don't have to know Swedish (daily work is carried out in English and we are 19 nationalities at Mentimeter right now)

Mentimeter can offer:

  • A diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Smart and driven colleagues
  • Paid relocation to innovative places around the world (San Francisco, Barcelona, Lisbon, Palermo, Madrid)
  • Leadership program (including external personal coach) for every team member
  • Continuous education to keep us state-of-the-art in how we innovate and build Mentimeter
  • A loved product used by more than 50 million people

Our core principles and basis for our culture:

  • Inclusiveness - transparency, equality and diversity
  • Work smart - good-enough but know when to excel
  • Professionalism - "the consultant mindset"
  • Be humble to others work
  • Have fun

Great Place to Work

  • Competitive salary

  • Massage at work

  • A diverse, modern and inclusive work environment

  • Pension scheme at ITP level

  • Breakfast on Fridays

  • Personal development opportunities

  • Attractive insurance package

  • Work tools such as cell phone and computer

  • Private chef making lunch 3 times/week

  • Wellness allowance 5000 sek/year

  • Annual 1 month inspiration trip

  • External leadership coach for every team member

About the company

Our vision is to transform presentations and meetings into fun and interactive experiences.

We have created a frictionless software with beautiful visualizations that enable leaders to engage their audience.

With Mentimeter, users become the best presenter they can be. Meetings become more productive, participants learn more and have fun whilst doing it.

Our mission is to turn presenters into superstars.

We have more than 60 million users and customers in 150 countries.. on our way of making the world a better place, one presentation at a time!

2018-12-05Mentimeter wins the Gasell price as the fastest growing tech company in Sweden

2018-01-02Mentimeter has found its recipe for success - the company moves to Lisbon in 2018

2017-01-15The entire Mentimeter team moves temporarily to Barcelona for one month to get inspiration

2016-08-15Point Nine Capital Lists Mentimeter as one of the most interesting SaaS companies in the Nordics

2016-01-27Mentimeter temporarily moves to San Francisco to join Dave McClure's 500startups

2015-07-13Won Best User Interface in Microsoft Office App Store

2014-06-07Angel Investment from Per Appelgren, Meg Charles-Horn, Lars Wiklund and Fredrik Linder


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