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System developer to MittMedia and Bonniers News data team.

Do you like data science, machine learning, building pipelines and taking care of a whole data ecosystem?

MittMedia and Bonnier News is now hiring developers to our data team in Sundsvall.

The mission

Why are we doing this?

We want to be the link between events and people in the local society. With relevant content and a smooth user experience our news sites and mobile apps should be a natural part of our daily life. With our data platform we are building the brain that makes data innovations possible. We have almost 1 petabyte of data that needs to be processed, cleaned and refined into products that are used daily, real-life by millions of readers.

The teams

The data team is responsible of building MittMedias data ecosystem. We are cross-functional; we don’t like the idea of having separate maintenance- or operations teams, i.e “you build it you run it!”

We work in Kanban and try to be as agile and lean as possible, although we know it’s a direction and not a final destination. In collaboration with our product owner, we're always focusing on producing value as early and efficient as possible. We're constantly trying to get better, cut down on unnecessary meetings and adapt our process to our needs. We like flow and avoid disturbing our developers when they're working on something that demands concentration.

Sometimes we gather the whole team in a room and code together. It’s called mob programming and is particularly efficient when we’re stuck with a very hard problem or want to spread knowledge within the team, programming in pairs also helps when an extra boost of skills are required. We always do code reviews where we give constructive feedback on the code in order to maximize learning, build the best product possible and avoid technical debt.

The technology

The data platform is built upon a wide variety of technologies. Our data pipelines are developed in Python using Apache Airflow which is a platform to write, run and monitor tasks. The data platform also includes applications written in Ruby and NodeJS. We develop serverless application and run them, along with our data pipelines in Amazon cloud, AWS.

We use Amazon S3 as our data lake and Amazon Redshift as data warehouse. In order to process and clean all the data for analysis and machine learning, we often use SQL or Python. The machine learning is done with popular libraries as tensorflow, keras and scikit.

The culture

People like working at Mittmedia because of…

  • … our efficiency and ability to respond to change. Together we have created a workplace that we all like to go to every day. With us you have the opportunity for innovative product development while having fun.
  • … our interest in technology. Working with new technology raises our motivation and gives better solutions.
  • ... our desire to build things that are being used! We're constantly searching for knowledge about how our products and services can become a natural part of our own and others' lives.
  • … our diversity! We’re convinced that equality, different backgrounds and experiences are a prerequisite for creating loved products and the best workplace. We have several nationalities represented at the department and knows that all sorts of diversity makes us stronger and allows us to build better things.
  • You are an experienced or new developer who wants to work with product development.
  • You want to work together in a team with different skills.
  • You think quality is important and take great responsibility for what you build.
  • You are comfortable in an environment that encourages modern development methods and ways of thinking.
  • You have worked with machine learning or are willing to put in the effort to learn about it.
  • You have a DevOps mindset and have some knowledge about cloud computing and deployment in virtual environments.

Great Place to Work

  • Vi värnar om det fria ordet

  • Mediesveriges starkaste

  • Vi leder den digitala

  • Hos oss fortsätter du alltid 
 att utvecklas

  • Stort engagemang 
 och framtidstro i alla bolag

  • Frihet under ansvar gällande arbetsuppgifter

About the company

About MittMedia, a part of Bonnier News:

Inom Bonnier News värnar vi om det fria ordet och gör skillnad genom journalistik som når och berör många. Som ett av Sveriges ledande mediehus med varumärken som Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Dagens industri, Bonnier Business Media och Bonnier News Lifestyle når vi över tre miljoner läsare varje dag. Genom att driva tekniken framåt och leda den digitala
 förändringsresan i branschen når vi hela tiden längre - du kan påverka riktningen.


Mathias Nylén | Hiring Manager

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