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  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

We are looking to expand our core team of compositors by the end of Q2 2020.

As a compositor at ILP you are the last in a chain of great artists, and will have to deliver the final, awesome looking images on time. You are expected to take ownership of your work. Specifically we are looking for our compositors to be able to set up comps from scratch, or at times use an agreed upon template or method, as well as share any good solutions you find with your colleagues and leads.

We want our compositors to communicate with whomever they need to in order to do their shots. This means for example keeping track of who is your lighter, and talking to them to resolve any issues with the renders, or talking to the production coordinator if your milestone targets are unrealistic. We want our compositors to be able to add their creativity to their work and there are usually room for creative suggestions outside of the original brief.

Although years of experience are valuable, mostly we are looking for artists with a great attitude towards learning and a passion for doing quality work.

Your work will include:

  • Together with your supervisor or lead decide on how to tackle the tasks at hand
  • Set up your composites from scratch without any template
  • Communicate with the team on matters regarding your schedule and tasks
  • Proactively engaging with other departments regarding the shots you are working on
  • Pulling keys and creating mattes
  • Prep, paint, and do set extensions
  • Integrating world class CG with photographic plates
  • Adding elements, grading and final touches to full CG shots
  • Work on some of the coolest shows in the business with some of the most talented colleagues
  • Deliver great looking shots, on time

Your need the following:

  • Solid knowledge of Nuke, our main compositing package

  • Very thorough knowledge of the basic compositing principles

    • Keying green and blue screen, including setting up and quality checking
    • Edge treatments, including DOFed and motion blurred areas
    • CG integration, with black point matching and grading of AOVs
    • Layering techniques to maintain a back to front and “photographic” structure
    • Grain handling, color spaces etc.
    • You need to work in an organized fashion to be able to take over other people's work as well as handing over your work to a colleague
    • As English is our main language in production, you need to be able to communicate effectively in English, both written and spoken.
    • Where applicable, you need to adapt ILPs documented style guides and techniques
    • Be humble, helpful and put ego aside to help the show
    • Proactively and critically evaluate your own work, before presenting it to your lead or supervisor

The following are considered a plus:

  • Deep compositing experience
  • Scripting and programming for Nuke
  • Color science knowledge
  • Documented leadership skills
  • Experience on delivering final shots for big movies or high end TV-series
  • Experience on delivering high quality commercial work under stressful circumstances

Other software we use (knowledge of these are a bonus):

  • RV
  • Shotgun
  • Silhouette
  • Mocha
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Krita
  • Neat Video Reduce Noise

Great Place to Work

  • You get to be a pirate

  • Social and friendly work environment

  • We do world class epic stuff

  • Innovative and fast-paced culture

  • Centrally located kick-ass office

  • Work–life balance perks

About the company

Important Looking Pirates is an award winning visual effects and digital animation studio located in central Stockholm. ILP was founded by artists in 2007 with the vision to become one of the top international suppliers of VFX in terms of quality, professionalism and service. With amazing projects such as Lost In Space, Westworld, Black Sails, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Star Wars: The Last Jedi in our backlog, we can proudly say that we are one of the most successful studios in the world.

During the last 12 years, we have assembled one of the best visual effects teams in the business with talents from all corners of the world. All our artists, technicians, production and support personnel are driven by passion for what we do and we always strive to push the limits of what can be accomplished.

In 2016, we moved to our new headquarters in the famous Norstedts building on the islet of Riddarholmen. The office is designed to inspire creativity and to provide the best possible work environment for creating spectacular visual effects. Almost a third of the office consists of social areas where the pirates gather to have lunch and celebratory fikas, get company updates, participate in fussball tournaments, and hang out for Friday beers.

Important Looking Pirates

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