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Security Consultant - Research

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
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  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • London +1 more

F-Secure are looking for new security researchers at all levels to join our established team. We find vulnerabilities and security flaws in systems where others can’t, and consult with clients to help solve their interesting challenges. We encourage our team to conduct research into new and exciting areas, not just because it’s great fun but also so that we remain world leaders. We give individuals the skills and tools they need, and provide a productive working environment that trusts staff and reduces red tape, with a healthy work-life balance to boot.

This vacancy is focused on junior and mid-career applicants, with flexibility to suit the applicant. For example, a role could be split between penetration testing and security research to provide a wider set of experience and facilitate a managed transition to security research work.

If this role sounds interesting but you don’t think it would challenge you, please take a look at our senior security research position as we’re recruiting at all levels.

We are looking for people to be part of our world-class research team, which tackles our clients’ wide range of research needs, including:

  • Finding vulnerabilities in systems.
  • Reverse engineering to understand how things work.
  • Developing a complete technical understanding of systems.
  • Delivering security assessments that are much more involved than a typical pentest.
  • Breaking hardware safeguards and protections.
  • Assessing the protections in a vendor’s solution.
  • Developing proof of concept code to demonstrate the actual impact of known vulnerabilities.

What we need...

  • You will work on our clients’ research projects, both independently and under the direction of senior researchers.
  • Consult with clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from putting together proposals to writing reports and presenting that work at a high level.
  • Be trusted to schedule your own time working on projects, developing yourself, and delivering value to F-Secure wherever you are best placed.
  • Develop yourself and those around you through our internal development, research time, external training, and awesome events like HackFu (https://chronyko.com/services/hackfu/).
  • Undertake your own security research to advance your knowledge and develop useful tools or techniques.

We’re looking for someone who loves computers, information security, hacking things and solving problems. If this wasn’t your job it would be your hobby. This role is open to all, and would especially suit applicants in the following situations:

  • University graduates who can demonstrate a strong aptitude regardless of grades.
  • Anyone looking to switch careers and already has some relevant experience.
  • Those who have taught themselves applicable skills regardless of academic or employment background.
  • Applicants within the information security sector looking to focus on technical security research and reach their full potential.

Who would be a great fit...

On the technical side, we are looking for people with experience or a passion for some of the following topics:

  • Vulnerability research – Understand the attack surface of a given system and work methodically to assess the security of each component.

  • Consultancy – Our core business is helping clients with their security requirements and issues, so a strong consultancy skillset is crucial. While we’re often presenting our awesome findings at a high level, it’s more about working with clients than meeting sales targets.

  • Exploit development – Taking bugs and understanding their root cause. At a basic level we expect applicants to understand the different bug classes but being able to exploit them is a major plus. Prior CTF experience is a great way of demonstrating this.

  • Reverse engineering – A major part of the role is using static and dynamic analysis tools to understand what target systems do and how they work. We’re often using tools like IDA, WinDBG, GDB, Ghidra and Frida but we’ll use whatever tool we need to get the job done, or we’ll write our own.

  • Scripting and development – We regularly create scripts or small applications to make life easier and assist our reverse engineering efforts.

  • General security knowledge – Our clients’ needs are wide ranging, so we often switch between platforms and technologies.

Who we are...

F-Secure Consulting delivers research-led cyber security to defend organizations from real-world attacks and build resilience into their approach. Our people are a mix of technical and creative experts – diverse, talented, and passionate people – working tirelessly to help us advance the industry with new ways of thinking. They lead their own development, in and out of the office. They call the shots when it comes to building a place to call home in our organization.

Work with great people

Karolina Malagocka
Senior Marketing Manager
"At F-Secure we see the value of each and every person"
Zuzanna Kunik
Data Scientist
"As a data scientist, I love working closely to data. As an extrovert, I love working with people. In my current role I’m doing both. "
Jonas Lundberg
Global Cyber Security Solution Sales
"I feel confident in selling our services that protect our customers. It's extremely stimulating and gives me a sense of purpose"
Ruediger Trost
Pre-Sales Manager
"After more than 11 years, I still go to the office with a smile, even if it is a Monday morning =)"

Great Place to Work

  • Over 1,700 amazing colleagues in nearly 30 offices

  • Possibility to protect the world

  • Work with best of class experts who care

  • Relaxed, open and fun working environment

  • 68+ of nationalities

  • Global with the spirit of a small company

About the company

You can’t design culture!

The F-Secure team is diverse, fluid, fun-loving, and full of energy. It’s our job to preserve that, so we’ve made it our business to help individuals traverse from passion to passion, from specialism to specialism, from the flavor of today to tomorrow’s. We move with their needs, and help them build Pathways, always focusing on the things that make them happy in and beyond of the office.

See yourself here? Bring your best self and apply now.

1988F-Secure established under the name Data Fellows

1992First public hysteria about a computer virus

2002First Antivirus for mobile phones

2004F‑Secure Labs launches first antivirus industry blog

2009F‑Secure’s next step into the cloud

2015F-Secure aims to become the leading European cyber security company

2018MWR InfoSecurity joins F-Secure

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