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Director of Product for Core News Products

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 27, 2019
  • Stockholm +1 more
  • Application Deadline: Sept. 27, 2019
  • Stockholm +1 more

We are looking for a Director of Product for Core News Products who in close cooperation with our newspapers will be responsible for creating a world class digital platform for our news destinations.

Core News Product (CNP) is a suite of products and tools empowering the creation and distribution of journalistic content. The CNP suite contains a set of content creation tools for the newsrooms and technology solutions and design system for end-user products. It is architected and designed to provide a delightful and lightning-fast user experience across web and native mobile for all the content types we deliver and others into the future, as well as tight integration with new strategic monetization and advertising inventory tools. It is a platform in its true sense, where millions of users daily interact with quality content from our publications.

Schibsted's mission is to contribute to a functioning democracy by closing the gap between what citizens know and what they need to know about the world around them. We aim to offer trustworthy news founded on facts and insight in a world where information is becoming increasingly more abundant and untrustworthy.

To achieve this we’re aiming to simply deliver the best news destination possible to our users. We operate in a rapidly changing market and that requires a dedicated and continuous investment in new technology and platform scalability. We have a lot of untapped potential.

In this role you will enable leaders and teams to create a world-class platform for Schibsted to run its newspapers on and that enables collaboration. You will work both with feature maturity of the platform and rolling it out to our publishers in Norway and Sweden.

The work will involve all aspects of leadership; motivating teams, developing leaders, satisfying stakeholders and collaborating with the newsrooms. You will be the bridge between business and technology, realizing the business goals of the organization by delivering value through our products and teams.

We expect you to achieve the following:

  • Together with the Director of Tech lead a team of 63 people consisting of software engineers, designers and product managers
  • Develop and manage 7 PMs (currently 2 in Sweden and 5 in Norway)
  • Set the product strategy for Core News Product Together with the Product Management Team that enables creating of truly engaging content and user experiences.
  • Work with your team to execute on a long-term roadmap to move all Schibsted publishers to one common tech stack
  • Enable the news businesses to reach their business goals through solving the needs of journalists and end users

  • Foster a culture of cooperation, transparency and trust between the newspapers’ product teams and your team

  • Ability to scope down and simplify, and force unity and alignment between business, product, UX, insights and tech

Work with great people

Veronica Heltne
Head of UX, Schibsted Product&Tech
"Schibsted is a place where you both get to work with digitization and further development of established media houses, as well as innovation and user insight connected to new products and services."
Michel Dahlberg Traore
Project Manager Internationalization, Lendo
"At Schibsted you get to work with high achieving and talented people who at the same time don’t take themselves too seriously."
Christian Horn Hanssen
Investment Manager, Schibsted Growth
"Working with talented people from all backgrounds, seeking the ideas of tomorrow. What's not to like?"
Tove Strander
HR Specialist, Schibsted
"I work with talented who contribute to taking the independent press into the digital future and making a positive change in people's daily lives"
Helena Siegbahn
Digital Marketing Specialist, Schibsted Growth
"Schibsted gives me the opportunity to work with motivating colleagues in an inspiring environment!"
Mikaela Saletti
UX designer
"I feel like Schibsted Sweden is an organisation that truly cares about it’s people."
Veronica Heltne
Head of UX, Schibsted Product & Tech
"Schibsted er et sted hvor man både får jobbe med digitalisering og videreutvikling av etablerte mediehus, samt innovasjon og brukerinnsikt koblet til nye produkter og tjenester. "
Michel Dahlberg Traore
Projektledare Internationalisering, Lendo
"På Schibsted får du jobba med högpresterande och begåvade människor som inte tar sig själva på för stort allvar"
Christian Horn Hanssen
Investment Manager, Schibsted Growth
"Att arbeta med begåvade människor från olika bakgrunder, som söker morgondagens idéer. Vad är bättre än det?"
Tove Strander
HR Specialist, Schibsted
"Vi vill tillsammans ta den oberoende journalistiken till den digitala framtiden och göra en positiv förändring i människors dagliga liv."
Mikaela Saletti
UX designer
"För mig är Schibsted en organisation som verkligen bryr sig om sina anställda."
Helena Siegbahn
Digital Marketing Specialist, Schibsted Growth
"Schibsted ger mig möjligheten att arbeta med motiverade kollegor i en inspirerande miljö!"

Skills & Requirements

Who you are:

  • Passion for building high performing teams and managing and developing people.You have experience in managing managers.
  • You have extensive experience in product management and understand how technology enables business
  • Ability to lead cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, user research teams and business lines in order to deliver products that are technologically feasible and meet the business lines and user needs
  • You have real-world experience leading and scaling product across multiple business areas and/or brands
  • Strong T-shaped leader with the desire and ability to make connections across disciplines
  • You need to understand the needs of the newsroom
  • Strong communication skills and demonstrate the importance of excellent stakeholder management
  • Speak and write English fluently
  • You work out of one of our news destinations

As a part of this process, a background check will be done on the final candidate.

Great Place to Work

  • Learn and develop within Learning Lab

  • Empowering body and mind with Schibsted Life

  • We embrace diversity

  • Media - The Power of Journalism

  • The second hand effect through our marketplaces

  • Work with products that matter in people's lives

  • 8000 fantastic colleagues in over 20 countries

  • Local and global career opportunities

  • Innovation, it’s at our core

  • 8000 fantastiska kollegor i över 20 länder

  • Jobba med produkter och tjänster som berör

  • The Second Hand effect bidrar till bättre miljö

  • Media – och The Power of Journalism

  • Lokala och globala karriärmöjligheter

  • Innovation i fokus sedan 1839

  • Personlig utveckling och lärande inom Learning Lab

  • Var del av en mångfaldig, inkluderande arbetsplats

About the company

Schibsted is an international media group with more than 5 000 employees. We have world-class media houses in Scandinavia, leading marketplaces and digital services that empower consumers. Millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day.

What we do
Our corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our mission of “Empowering people in their daily life”, our values and our core business. We believe that we, together with our users, can contribute to a more sustainable society in what we do every day.

  • We empower people by providing transparent and secure marketplaces.
  • We empower them by creating services that provide them with better deals.
  • We empower them by defending freedom of the press and editorial integrity.

Nordic Marketplaces
Connecting millions of buyers and sellers every month, we provide leading online marketplaces in the Nordics.

Our digital marketplaces such as Finn.no, Blocket.se help people buy and sell new and old things.

Within Next we drive growth and create value for Schibsted’s customers and users. Our four areas Growth, Financial Services, Next Media and Distribution, will secure that innovation prevails as part of Schibsted’s DNA.

News Media
As the largest media group in Scandinavia, our world-class media houses continue to shape the media landscape of today – and tomorrow.

In Scandinavia, our media houses such as VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet keep people informed and updated on important issues in society.

1839Christian Michael Schibsted founded Schibsted Forlag

1860Christiania Adresseblad was founded - Later changed named to Aftenposten

1966Schibsted acquired VG

1996Schibsted aquired Aftonbladet

1998Schibsted aquired SvD

2001Finn.no and Schibsted Growth is Established

2003Schibsted aquired Blocket

2011Schibsted Product & Tech Polska is established

2015Schibsted Media passes 1 million paying subscribers

2017Schibsted becomes organised in two divisions, Media & Marketplaces

1839Christian Michael Schibsted grundar Schibsteds förlag

1860Grundas Christiania Adresseblad - som senare bytte namn till Aftenposten

1966Schibsted förvärvar VG

1996Schibsted förvärvar Aftonbladet

1998Schibsted förvärvar SvD

2001Finn.no och Schibsted Growth etableras

2003Schibsted förvärvar Blocket

2011Schibsted Product & Tech Polska etableras

2015Schibsted Media passerar 1 miljon betalande användare

2017Schibsted organiserar sig i två divisioner, Media & Marketplaces

Laila Dahlen | Hiring Manager

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