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Software Engineer

  • Romania
  • Romania

  • medium knowledge de linux, bash si administrare remote de servere - ssh, starting/stop procese, administrare resurse sistem;
  • strong knowledge git - branching strategies, merging/pull requests;
  • strong knowledge administrare servere de devtools - Gitlab, Sonar, Artifactory, Jenkins (toate onprem, start/stop, upgrade, Jenkins roles and access rights);
  • strong knowledge Jenkins, pipelines pentru aplicatii Java (SpringBoot, Maven) si Frontend Javascript (Node, Npm) - integrarea dintre Jenkins si celelalte tooluri;
  • strong knowledge Docker - debug imagini, acces registry-uri;
  • strong knowledge Kubernetes (Redhat Openshift) - administrare, integrare in pipeline CI/CD, crearea si partajarea namespace-urilor, administrare drepturi useri, adoptia cloud pe Java si Javascript;

Work with great people

Test Manager
"Personal development and opportunities are really in your hand at Capgemini."
Junior Web Developer
"My Capgemini journey has a long path to offer, with opportunities ready to shape my vision and my knowledge."
Managing Consultant
"Capgemini is the best place to work if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and amongst fun and smart people!"

Skills & Requirements

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Great Place to Work

  • Private Health Care Insurance

  • Meal Vouchers

  • Transportation Allowance

  • Well-being at work

  • Professional Development

  • Christmas 'gifts for employees

About the company

Since 2005 Capgemini Romania helps clients transform their business and perform by leveraging new technologies. Our relationship with clients is a collaborative partnership - we bring our experience, best practices and tools to steer their own course, and ultimately to achieve better, faster and more lasting transformations.

Aref Abedi (Jobylon) | Hiring Manager

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