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Account Manager

  • Stockholm
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Work with great people

Senior Software Developer
"You really have the opportunity to try new things here! "
Global Business Manager
"I am trusted to realize my ideas and take them as far as I can!"
UX Designer
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Duane Fox
Marketing Intern
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Skills & Requirements

Skills & Requirements

Great Place to Work

  • Be part of a unique journey

  • Home away from home

  • Life-changing technology

  • Grow and develop

  • Work with people from all around the world

  • Top ideal employer

About the company

It’s all about passion, innovation and making things real

At Tobii, our jobs are exciting and fun. They are challenging, but also important, plus you get to work with people all around the world on cool, creative projects.

We are changing the way people interact with computers on a daily basis, and making advancements some people don't even dream of. Tobii has reached an exciting phase and is doing things that drive real change in everyday life. With us, you can be part of something huge.

Our valuesWe created our values together as a team because that’s how we grow as a company and as individuals. Our values guide our culture and all our interactions.

TogetherWe act as one team with our customers, partners and employees in everything we do. We are in this together to find the absolute best solution for everyone involved.

TrustedOur number one priority is that our customers, partners and employees trust us. Trusting each other by being professional and transparent is key to our mutual success.

PassionateWe will always do everything we can to improve our customers’ finances. We are dedicated to developing and providing the best possible experiences and solutions to our customers, partners and employees at all times.

PioneersWe strive to drive the market development and continue to be the leading online comparison service in the Nordics. We have a history of innovation that we continue to be true to whatever we do.

Léo Kischinowsky (Jobylon) | Hiring Manager

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