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CEO for next generation realtime visualization for the entertainment industry
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Mirko Lempert and Simon Alexandersson

Job Description

Are you excited about art and technology?

Do you want to play an important part in the film and TV industry?

Are you great at sales and business development?

You might be our new CEO at Monocular.

What is Monocular?

Monocular provides a collaborative and cost-effective system for advanced 3D visualization. It allows film teams to prototype their audiovisual ideas in realtime, before going on location and shooting the movie. It not only enables the team to create the prototype themselves, it also accelerates the development process and provides more creative and economical control over the final result.

Imagine you are a director or cinematographer working on a project that is set in a dystopian future. The film has several scenes involving expensive set constructions and visual effects. How do you make sure that the artistic ambitions of the team will match the economic conditions of the production?

Enter Monocular.

Monocular is a virtual simulation platform that is based on several VR and AR solutions, where filmmakers can collaboratively create and develop ideas visually.

With Monocular, you can virtually visit your location, fabricate and review your scene in just a couple of minutes. You can simulate basically everything, blocking actors, finding camera angles and set lights. You can do this, without even visiting the location that you later will be filming on.

Directors and cinematographers prefer Monocular as it reduces risk, establishes a common ground for creative direction and for its effectiveness, time and budget wise.

90 % of cinematographers we asked want to use Monocular.

What we did so far?

Our solution has been used in several feature films and television series, both in Sweden and internationally. It also became part of the educational program at several film schools in Europe.

We have:

Happy paying customers. Like the one of the leading production companies in Sweden, FLX and well renowned Stockholms Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Several products that are ready to sell to customers with high demands on quality.

Formed a team that has a passion for and experience of the verge between art and technology.

What’s our next goal?

Scaling up. As mentioned, we have paying customers who are happy. Now it is time to scale our offering to more film teams around the globe. We are excited about creating opportunities for creators to create. Your role will be very much related to the overarching goal of scaling up.

There are three sub goals that we would like you to work on (with some of the questions you will be working on):

  • Business model strategy. How can we find a good balance between service and product offering? What is a good pricing strategy?
  • Scale up with sales and fundraising. How can we grow sales? How much should we raise?
  • Grow our brand. People in the film industry in Sweden know Monocular. How can we make Monocular a household name in the rest of the world?
Skills & Requirements

In order to thrive in the role, we think there are a couple of things that you need to have experience of:

  • You need to have previous experience of sales and business development
  • You have experience of team building
  • You have experience from one of the following industries: motion pictures and film, marketing and advertising, construction, architecture and planning, computer games, AR/VR/MR.
  • You are passionate about the verge between art and technology.

Why join us?

As a part of the Monocular team, you will be working with art and technology. You will have the chance to change an industry and enable creativity from more creators. We offer a fun challenging work environment and ownership in our company.

Interviews will be conducted at the end of August, beginning of September.

About the company

Monocular provides a collaborative and cost-efficient system that allows film teams (directors, dops, production designers, etc) to use miniature figures to create automated previs in realtime. Thanks to direct feedback, the film team team can quickly explore different ideas for blocking, pacing and camera work. As we deploy a miniature paradigm, our system does not require a large space, real actors or camera rigs.

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