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Simulation Expert - CFD and Structural Mechanics

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
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  • CFD simulation and optimization of cooling channels in molds with regards to cooling power, temperature uniformity, pressure drop, etc. The simulations include turbulent models and two-phase medias.

  • Thermal management of inductors with integrated water cooling.

  • Simulation of mechanical/structural strength of various types of components, for example molds

  • Simulation of multimaterial components with different CTE.

  • Support sales with information and material during the quotation process.

  • Work closely with mechanical engineers responsible for mold design.

Project types:

  • Internal research and development of inductor concepts and designs.
  • Customer projects related to induction heating.

Skills & Requirements

  • Engineering background
  • 5+ years’ experience of CFD and structural mechanics simulations.
  • This person needs to be confident in his/her position and able to in “lead” his/her own way in bigger extent than the general engineer.

About the company

Corebon creates and sells products, process technology and technical services in the field of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The company has invented and patented the world's fastest production process for carbon fiber reinforced plastic, resulting in a new higher standard for composite materials, lower costs and minimal environmental impact - we call it Corebon Technology. Corebon Technology results in up to 10 times faster cycle times, up to 95% energy savings, and the highest fiber volume fraction composites ever manufactured. This makes it possible for Corebon to pioneer new applications and profitable markets for CFRP with features such as high thermal and electrical conductivity. Corebon Technology is a universal solution for the CFRP market applicable to all types of manufacturing processes, such as RTM, filament winding and compression molding.

Ahmed Luay | Hiring Manager

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