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Junior Threat Hunter

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Singapore

Countercept is currently looking for a Junior Threat Hunter with a background in threat hunting, digital forensics, attack detection or penetration testing. The successful candidate will work within the ‘Countercept’ division of MWR, with a group of established threat hunters, focused on carrying out, supporting and resolving day to day investigation of events generated by the Countercept attack detection service for our clients.

What we need…

  • Terms like “threat hunting”, “malware analysis”, “process injection”, “covert C2”, “EDR” and “APT” fuel your excitement.
  • Terms like “SOC”, “SIEM”, “Alerts” and “Cyber Threat Map” make you sad inside.
  • When you aren’t hunting, you are learning awesome new InfoSec skills, not watching Netflix.
  • You love nothing more than learning about and spotting the latest attacker techniques in the wild and using your experience to thwart and respond to the ever evolving threat they present to our clients.
  • You keep up with the latest industry developments, are an avid reader of things like /r/netsec and follow swathes of awesome researchers on twitter to get your security knowledge fix.

The Countercept platform is a dynamic and rapidly evolving product, which is heavily research led. The ideal candidate would be able to contribute to enhancing the capability of the service, whether through direct development, research activities or media opportunities.

The ideal candidate should also have had exposure or experience in either offensive or defensive security, either penetration testing, incident response or ideally a mixture of both.

The candidate should be highly motivated, eager to learn and not afraid to get stuck-in. Being able to work autonomously as well as part of a team is essential. The ability to effectively triage and prioritise rapidly evolving incidents, utilising a team of threat hunters and IR practitioners to support, is crucial.

The Countercept service will require threat hunters to monitor the target networks 24/7, 365. Although late night hours will be covered by distributing analysis between MWR's UK and Singapore offices, hunters may expect to work on a rotational basis with other analysts to cover evenings and weekend hours.

The main responsibilities include:

  • Proactively investigate host, network and log based security events
  • Manage events and triage from detection to resolution
  • Malware Triage/Basic Analysis
  • Basic Host, Network, and Memory Forensics
  • Liaise with clients and report potential findings from both a technical and business perspective
  • Assist in development of Countercept service

Work with great people

Javier Moreno
Senior Security Consultant
"My passion for security comes from understanding how things work. Once you do, you can control it"
Karolina Malagocka
Senior Service Marketing
"At F-Secure we see the value of each and every person"
Zuzanna Kunik
Junior Data Scientist
"As a data scientist, I love working closely to data. As an extrovert, I love working with people. In my current role I’m doing both. "
Jonas Lundberg
Global Cyber Security Solution Sales
"I feel confident in selling our services that protect our customers. It's extremely stimulating and gives me a sense of purpose"
Kamil Janowski
Full-Stack developer
"With the use of the cloud and cutting edge technologies, F-secure makes programming great again"
Ruediger Trost
Pre-Sales Manager
"After more than 11 years, I still go to the office with a smile, even if it is a Monday morning =)"
Lead Quality Engineer
"I chose F-Secure because it gives you a great variety of experiences that you can benefit from the security perspective. "
Lead Software Engineer
"You don’t feel like working in a big company, people are open and the atmosphere is very good"
"Every day comes with new challenges and surprises so it is impossible to get bored, especially in my team."
Junior Developer
"In my opinion F-Secure is the best place to work in Poland especially because here you have a lot of freedom at work. "
Senior Systems Engineer
"Best part of my current work is to have a real influence on the direction my team and work is going in."
Tinus Green
Information Security Consultant
"The fact that MWR performs research driven security work is the reason I work here."
Sean Nel
Senior Software Engineer
"If you like working on cool, new stuff with lekker people"
Annike Taljaard
Associate Information Security Consultant
"With the supportive company structure, we are encouraged not just to grow, but to grow in the direction that we want."
Jaco Erasmus
Ruby Developer
"In my two years at MWR, It has been amazing to work for an industry-leading company with a very energetic, positive and engaging culture."
Joanna Tórz
Senior Developer, Team Leader
"Nothing beats friendly but professional atmosphere, interesting daily challenges and the culture of growth as an individual and as a Team!"

Skills & Requirements

Who we think will be a great fit…

  • Basic knowledge of core IP networking and common protocols
  • Scripting experience with Python/Powershell/Bash/WMI or similar
  • Strong understanding of Windows and Linux systems

Bonus points...

  • Experience investigating compromise events and/or SOC experience
  • Ability to differentiate between regular traffic and anomalies
  • Experience of network, memory or host forensics
  • Experience of automated or manual malware analysis (static and dynamic)
  • Mixed skillset covering both offensive and defensive security
  • Experience with modern offensive techniques and APT TTP's
  • Experience with common network traffic analysis platforms and/or SIEM solutions

Great Place to Work

  • Over 1,600 amazing colleagues in 25 countries

  • Possibility to protect the world

  • Work with best of class experts who care

  • Relaxed, open and fun working environment

  • 32+ of nationalities

  • Global with the spirit of a small company

About the company

We're on a mission to find the world's best security talent. The question is, can you hack it?

We need people who are highly intelligent and passionate about our work. It's highly rewarding with great benefits – along with an awesome environment in which to learn from the best.

Don't see the job that sounds right for you? Then think on... We don't pigeonhole people. We recognize talent and believe in shaping roles to people, not the other way around.

So if you think you've got what we need, just explore our vacancies to explore the possibilities.

1988F-Secure established under the name Data Fellows

1992First public hysteria about a computer virus

2002First Antivirus for mobile phones

2009F-Secure's next step into the cloud

2010The trouble with cyber espionage

2016F-Secure aims to become the leading European cyber security company

2003It begins... MWR InfoSecurity is founded.

2006MWR publishes it's first security advisory, an early step in establishing our research-led culture

2006Our first presentation at DEFCON, the first of many successful security conference appearances

2008We officially launch MWR Labs, the home of our leading security research, resources and testing tools

2008HackFu, our unique themed cyber security experience kicks off, becoming an annual fixture.

2010MWR secures its first of multiple pwn2own wins, this time finding a major vulnerability in Apple’s Safari browser

2015Launch of Countercept, a managed attack detection service leveraging the years of cyber security expertise within MWR.

2018MWR InfoSecurity joins the F-Secure family which leads to a presence in a total of 5 continents

Liana Creak | Hiring Manager

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