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Data Scientist / System Architect / Electrical Engineer - Potential Co-founder
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Energy & Utilities




Entry level

Application Deadline: June 28, 2019

Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Neža Đukić

Job Description

We are looking for someone passionate about helping us revolutionize the power sector. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our technology and the small size of the team, the tasks are dynamic and adaptable to any topic needed to bring the project forward. You can work with us either during Summer or join the team long term.

This job is for you if you are an AI and machine learning enthusiast, like data or system architecture, and/or come from electrical engineering with interest in smart grids. We want you to help us develop our system (focusing on any of the aforementioned areas) by the end of Summer so we can start testing it in September and launch in January.

We can offer equity, startup experience and work in a cool, international team. Since we didn’t register a company yet, founder team membership is also on the table for serious participants. Furthermore, we are part of KTH Innovation Pre-incubator which comes with additional perks such as nice office space, business coaching, legal and IP counselling, service packs, financial support and interesting community activities that you can take full advantage of as part of our team.

Skills & Requirements

Basic skills and interests we are looking for:

  • AI, machine learning, data science


  • system architecture


  • electrical engineering

We require to have at least basic knowledge of programming, you don’t have to be a master as long as you have a will to learn.

Bonus: interest in entrepreneurship, Swedish language

We interview continuously so apply as soon as possible!

We value a variety of backgrounds and experiences among our employees. We therefore welcome all applicants regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, or religion or other beliefs.

About the company

SocketHacker is a startup, working for greener transportation, cheaper electricity, and a healthier power grid. Currently, a small team of international, excited and highly motivated people, looking for like-minded individuals. If everything goes as planned, we are launching in January 2020 and would really like to see you join this journey!

What we do

The load on the electric grid has been increasing with more electric vehicles, potentially causing blackouts within a few years if not handled properly, and currently all solutions resort to dirty power sources. We are a KTH Innovation startup using electric vehicles as a solution instead of letting them become a problem, aiming to make transportation more environmentally friendly. That is done by using electric vehicles charging patterns to balance the power grid and help the charging station owners save up on electricity costs. For more information, visit sockethacker.com.


We are still at an early stage, currently working on the development of our technology to be able to start testing at the end of Summer. So far we got selected into the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator program and have several companies interested to work with us when the prototype is ready. Just recently, we won a Nordic China Hi-Tech week, allowing us to explore China as a potential market when we visit it in November.

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