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Domain Director, Desktops

  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2019
  • Helsinki

Have you ever been intrigued by the world of cybersecurity? Are you interested in working with products for Windows and Mac? Do you love working with people?

If you have a healthy interest in both technology and leading people, this could be the perfect role for you!

In F-Secure Consumer Cybersecurity Unit, we develop, improve and maintain an array of products that serve the home user. To know more about these products, you may visit our website. Within the unit, we have the Desktops Domain which is responsible for SAFE, KEY and FREEDOME for the Windows and Mac platforms.

As the director of the Desktops Domain, you will be in charge of a seasoned team of Technical Product Managers, Architects, Quality Engineers and Software Engineers who create the software.

You will also need to:

  • Monitor the desktop landscape to ensure that our products are compliant with the required changes from platform owners as well as take advantage of evolving trends.
  • Ensure that every product or project is properly resourced.
  • Ensure and help people to have the necessary skills needed to deliver high quality products.
  • Coach people to perform their best amidst technological disruptions.
  • Propose and implement improvements with your peers and Product Management.
  • Be flexible and encourage flexibility among your troops.

Work with great people

Javier Moreno
Senior Security Consultant
"My passion for security comes from understanding how things work. Once you do, you can control it"
Karolina Malagocka
Senior Service Marketing
"At F-Secure we see the value of each and every person"
Zuzanna Kunik
Junior Data Scientist
"As a data scientist, I love working closely to data. As an extrovert, I love working with people. In my current role I’m doing both. "
Jonas Lundberg
Global Cyber Security Solution Sales
"I feel confident in selling our services that protect our customers. It's extremely stimulating and gives me a sense of purpose"
Kamil Janowski
Full-Stack developer
"With the use of the cloud and cutting edge technologies, F-secure makes programming great again"
Ruediger Trost
Pre-Sales Manager
"After more than 11 years, I still go to the office with a smile, even if it is a Monday morning =)"
Lead Quality Engineer
"I chose F-Secure because it gives you a great variety of experiences that you can benefit from the security perspective. "
Lead Software Engineer
"You don’t feel like working in a big company, people are open and the atmosphere is very good"
"Every day comes with new challenges and surprises so it is impossible to get bored, especially in my team."
Junior Developer
"In my opinion F-Secure is the best place to work in Poland especially because here you have a lot of freedom at work. "
Senior Systems Engineer
"Best part of my current work is to have a real influence on the direction my team and work is going in."
Tinus Green
Information Security Consultant
"The fact that MWR performs research driven security work is the reason I work here."
Sean Nel
Senior Software Engineer
"If you like working on cool, new stuff with lekker people"
Annike Taljaard
Associate Information Security Consultant
"With the supportive company structure, we are encouraged not just to grow, but to grow in the direction that we want."
Jaco Erasmus
Ruby Developer
"In my two years at MWR, It has been amazing to work for an industry-leading company with a very energetic, positive and engaging culture."

Skills & Requirements

While you will both mould this role to suit your background as well as let this role mould you, there are requirements that make it easier to work in this role:

  • Managing and leading multiple teams
  • Experience and interest in scaled agile development
  • Knowledge of Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Experience in competence development
  • Experience in technical work such as coding, quality engineering, architecture, product management or service management
  • Experience in coaching individuals to help them grow towards their full potential
  • Strong interest in multi-functional collaboration
  • Fluent communication in English

You will not have to be perfect in everything mentioned above to apply. If you feel that making software that makes the connected world safer for people out there and some of the above apply, please send an application.

A security background check will be conducted for the selected candidate, in accordance with the Finnish Security Clearance act 726/2014.

Great Place to Work

  • Over 1,600 amazing colleagues in 25 countries

  • Possibility to protect the world

  • Work with best of class experts who care

  • Relaxed, open and fun working environment

  • 32+ of nationalities

  • Global with the spirit of a small company

About the company

At F-Secure, we are committed to helping people and businesses be free in the digital world, without having to worry about cyber security. Every day, our Fellows face the daunting challenge of outsmarting those that disrupt the digitalized world. A difficult task, we know, but something we all come together to do for our customers. We make the world a safer place.

Our Fellowship of people have a shared interest in being successful together and being open and honest with each other. At F-Secure, we meet each other as equals, but challenge each other’s ideas – we believe this makes us all better and creates a more secure environment for our customers.

As an F-Secure Fellow, you’ll be joining a tight knit network of over 1,600 colleagues, spread over 25 offices around the world. To us, Fellowship means that what we do together is more important what I do. At F-Secure you will be part of our Fellowship. Be who you are – bring your best self.

1988F-Secure established under the name Data Fellows

1992First public hysteria about a computer virus

2002First Antivirus for mobile phones

2009F-Secure's next step into the cloud

2010The trouble with cyber espionage

2016F-Secure aims to become the leading European cyber security company

2003It begins... MWR InfoSecurity is founded.

2006MWR publishes it's first security advisory, an early step in establishing our research-led culture

2006Our first presentation at DEFCON, the first of many successful security conference appearances

2008We officially launch MWR Labs, the home of our leading security research, resources and testing tools

2008HackFu, our unique themed cyber security experience kicks off, becoming an annual fixture.

2010MWR secures its first of multiple pwn2own wins, this time finding a major vulnerability in Apple’s Safari browser

2015Launch of Countercept, a managed attack detection service leveraging the years of cyber security expertise within MWR.

2018MWR InfoSecurity joins the F-Secure family which leads to a presence in a total of 5 continents

Veli-Jussi Kesti | Hiring Manager

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