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Senior Backend Developer

  • Stockholm

Oneflow is disrupting contract management fundamentally. We offer an end-to-end solution that ties up all the steps in a contract process nicely into a modern, easy to use and powerful web application. Our concept is unique, and our goal is to lead the innovation and become a global thought leader of contract handling. We are now looking for a new colleague that can be a part of this journey that we have ahead of us!

Who you are

We are looking for a senior backend developer to join our talented team. Someone who shares our interest in building great products, their scalability and continued development. You are social, not afraid to be hands-on or to take the lead. You will work with Python development and we see that you are senior in that area. You will join a feature team and take joint ownership of the systems under its responsibility, with a focus on the backend systems. Your job, as part of the feature team, is to make sure we can meet customer needs while staying performant and reliable. You will also be an active part of both product development and a fast-growing startup, where your opinions and passions can have a real impact!

Your days will be filled with:

  • Creating, developing and maintaining software components, with a focus on the backend components
  • Discussions and debates, both technical and non-technical
  • Setting future architecture and technology stack
  • Maintaining and monitoring our various environments

Work with great people

Olivia Fredriksson
Customer Success Manager
"Every day holds something new and I’m able to impact where Oneflow is heading on a daily basis!"
Fredrik Rinman
Head of Development
"Seeing the team and my colleagues grow and develop together with the application is a great feeling."
Anders Hamnes
CEO & Founder
"It's our ability to constantly attract the best talents that defines our success."
Emilia Wikstedt
Account Executive
"Oneflow is a challenging, fun and rewarding environment with cheerful and inspiring colleagues!"

Skills & Requirements

We would like you to have a background from, or a strong interest in:

  • Long term product development, in a team environment
  • Service oriented architecture (APIs, RPC, microservices, etc.)
  • Infrastructure services (Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Hadoop, Cassandra, ZooKeeper, etc)
  • 7+ years experience working as an engineer and 3+ years in Python. The number of years aren’t crucial. It’s more important that you’ve got the ability to use your previous experience.

It would also be really awesome if you’re excited about and meriting to have experience of:

  • Additional programming languages (Scala, Go, Rust, Java, Erlang, C/C++, etc.)
  • Cloud APIs (AWS, Rackspace, Azure etc.)
  • Scalable Architecture (auto-scaling, sharding, queuing etc.)
  • Security architecture (OWASP, encryption, etc.)
  • Logging and Monitoring (LogStash, Datadog, Grafana, Influxdb, Zipkin, statsd, etc.)

How we work

We want our developers to feel a strong sense of ownership, to feel like what they do really matters and to be involved in all steps of product development, from feature planning to release. Our team and culture is built on this principle of inclusion and responsibility, which we see as crucial in building a great product.

We strive for a truly agile development environment that promotes getting things done, rather than focusing too much on processes and enterprise tools. This means we typically work in short iterations, regularly going from conceptual discussions to shipped product features in a few weeks. We believe early and honest feedback is the best feedback, both internally and from our customers.

We value gender equality and diversity in our organisation and therefore, we strive for a team that reflects the diversity in today's society.

Recruitment process

We interview continuously and the recruitment process begins with a first interview, followed by a shorter technical interview, a technical interview and a final interview with our CEO.

Great Place to Work

  • Startup experience

  • Fantastic colleagues

  • Great office location

  • Disruptive technology

  • Unlimited career opportunities

  • Well stocked kitchen

About the company

Oneflow AB was established in 2012 with the ambition to redefine contract handling, fundamentally. Our vision is to lead the innovation and become the global market leader of digital contract handling.

Contracts serve as the backbone of any company, whether you work in sales, procurement, human resources or legal. Oneflow ties up the whole contract handling process in one single application, and makes it easy and efficient for everyone involved.

We offer an all-in-one solution where everything from templates, negotiating, e-signing and editing to lifecycle management and archiving comes together – all in one flow. As our company slogan says, it’s "All your contract needs in one workspace".

2012Oneflow was founded, and we started building the platform.

2013Continuous hard work in building the first version.

2014An MVP was released, and we started to iterate with some customers.

2015Oneflow received external funding. Our team grew from 3 to 8 colleagues.

2016Sales started to really kick in. Oneflow received more investor fundings. The team kept growing.

2017Strong growth. Heavy recruitment. More investor funding.

Kim Vidén | Hiring Manager

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