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Business developer (potential CEO) to Tailored Photons - we make lasers for quantum physics/quantum technologies
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Sales & Business Development



Application Deadline: June 30, 2019

Location: Roslagstullsbacken 21, 106 91, Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Carlota Canalias

Job Description

Do you want to be a part of building the market leader in the rapidly growing industry of quantum physics and quantum technologies? We have happy paying customers with a unique product that is essential for this new industry. Now we are looking for a business developer who wants to grow our sales and professionalize the sales process.

Tailored Photons AB is a spin-off from world-leading KTH research that produces highly efficient frequency conversion units (FCU) for lasers.

Why do we do that?

The reason to why we started Tailored Photons was that we saw an opportunity. When doing research in laser physics, we saw how governments and companies are investing more in the field of quantum physics and quantum technology. In 2018, the EU decided on a plan to invest 1 billion-euro into research projects in quantum physics and quantum technology. All these thousands of research projects that will be funded in the next couple of years need our FCUs to build their products.

At the same time as academic research in the field is on the rise, we also see more and more researchers creating startups in the field. While companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google are investing in quantum technologies that can very well turn out to be the next big revolution of computing.

What have we done so far?

  • Our sales grow by 60 % year-over-year.
  • We have happy customers that say our service and quality is the best on the market.
  • We have done a patent survey with a conclusion that no conflicting patents exist.
  • We have a team with a strong research background in the field.
  • We have secured over 1 MSEK in soft funding, e.g. from VINNOVA, etc.
  • We are currently pilot-testing our products together with industrial partners.

What’s our next goal?

We have an essential component that the rapidly growing quantum technology industry needs. Now, we want to grow together with that rapid growth and in order to do that we need to scale our sales process. That’s where you come in.

What’s your challenge?

Your challenge is to scale our sales process. We already have happy and paying customers, but we need to take the sales efforts into a new level when it comes to strategy and execution. Your role will be to grow sales and professionalize our sales process. These will be some typical work tasks:

  • Identify and establish customer contacts across different market segments.
  • Drive business development to close sales/agreement/partnerships.
  • Develop a business strategy/model.
  • Laying the basis for further company growth e.g. securing further funding.
  • Negotiate the supply contracts and secure the supply chains.
Skills & Requirements

We are seeking a sales-oriented business developer with potential and desire to take on the CEO role.

We expect you to be an entrepreneur being able to take our sales to the next level with support from us in everything tech and science.

In order to thrive in the role:

  • You have experience from relevant industrial fields, ideally from the hardware, optoelectronics or laser market.
  • You have proven experience in marketing and B2B sales. Good at establishing, building, and maintaining customer relationships.
  • You have experience in negotiating and setting up agreements e.g. licensing, partnerships etc.
  • You are entrepreneurial and result focused mindset with a strong drive.
  • Great communication skills.

Our offer

The intention is that you will become a full-time CEO and a co-owner of the company based on your work for the company. The level of involvement is depending on gained traction and customer interest but we foresee the person is able to spend at least 30-50% of full-time on the project over a first 6-month on-boarding period and thereafter be able to ramp this up to full time should this be necessary in the future.

We offer a great opportunity to join an aspiring and innovative company right at its start. Would you like to take part in our journey and shape yours and our future?

Click “I’m interested” and we’ll talk soon!

About the company

Tailored Photons is a deep-tech company originating as a spin-off from the world-leading research at Laser Physics group at KTH. We produce and supply highly-efficient and cost-effective laser frequency conversion units (FCU) tailored for traditional and emerging photonics markets.

Our products will enable boosting a broad range of laser applications to the next level: from bio-tech to environmental monitoring, material processing, aerospace and defense, quantum computing, and quantum communications systems. Our proprietary production process has no-counterpart in the world and is based on unique know-how, obtained from years of research in the field of lasers and photonics at KTH.

We have assessed the quality and validity of our products through extensive collaboration and sales-demand from international partners, both in industry and academia. Compared to other available techniques, we provide the highest efficiency and largest flexibility, and very importantly the option to tailor the spectral properties of the generated light to the customers’ needs.

We have the ambition to be a highly-profitable deep-tech company reshaping the world of lasers and contributing to Swedish industrial growth together with our worldwide partners and customers.

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