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Co-founding CTO to Fintech SaaS
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Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Carl-Fredrik Svensson

Job Description

We are a fintech SaaS from Stockholm that has been in business for two years. We are currently working on scaling our solution and need a skilled CTO to take part in our journey. Do you have experience with SaaS-solutions and software development? Does it sound exciting both to work hands on with coding and also to establish a team of software developers in Lithuania together with us in the future?

Read on.

What is PCT?

We offer a user-friendly SaaS-solution designed to minimize the time spent on keeping track of, following up and planning recurring tasks and processes. It has been very well received by the so far 23 paying clients within the financial services industry.


It all started when we worked with a growing business operation in the financial sector. In our daily job, we had to make sure that numerous recurring tasks were carried out accurately. While scouting for software tools to support us, we discovered that current solutions mainly focus on completing single tasks or projects - not recurring tasks.

In order to make our life easier we then decided to build the software that was missing in the marketplace. It soon turned out that other companies were interested in buying that software too - so we thought why not try to conquer the world!

What have we achieved so far?

  • We have an MVP that now has MRR from 23 customers.
  • Have well-known customers like Länsförsäkringar Fonder, ISEC Services, Quesada Kapitalförvaltning etc.
  • Admitted to Sting, the leading incubator and accelerator in the Nordics.

What’s our next goal?


We are both driven in sales and building our business, but need someone to take the lead in tech. While we keep our focus on sales and increasing the MRR, we need you to to further develop an even better product. We have a great dialogue with our customers, we have a vision of where to go, now we need you to complete the team.

What’s your role?

In the short term you will focus on version 1.0 of the solution. Together we will prioritize in which order to develop new features suggested by our users and other improvements on our roadmap.

In the longer run, you are prepared to take ownership over the whole technical side of the business. You will gradually build a remote tech team in Vilnius, Lithuania together with us. Our common goal will be to create the best possible team and product in the market.

What’s it like working with us?

  • Dynamic. Although we strive to have structure, no day is the same as we are expanding.
  • Revenue focus. From day 1, we have focused on bringing in sales with paying customers. Our highest priority is to build a sustainable business.
  • Down-to-earth and driven by action - fail fast and fail forward!

But most importantly, we want you - your input and experience - in order to build an amazing team and company.

Today we are working with a Python/Django, React and Postgres tech stack. You don’t need experience in these technologies, however we see that you are open to learning them.

Skills & Requirements

Who are you?

Our wish list:

  • You have an extensive background as a developer and has probably been a tech lead or CTO before.
  • You have some experience with SaaS.
  • You have experience with and understand the importance of application and information security.

What we offer!

We’re offering you the chance to become co-founder and the compensation consists of a mix of equity and salary.

Are you an ambitious team player and want to be a part of our journey as our co-founder? Click “I’m interested” below and let’s talk more.

About the company

PCT was created with the ambition to help companies manage, run and supervise their operations more efficiently. With vast combined experience within the financial industry, the team behind has hands-on knowledge about vital workflows within different organisations, but also about how unnecessary complicated and time consuming they can be. Therefore, we created the PCT tool, including a dashboard for all ongoing workflows your company is performing. By making these workflows more interactive, transparent and relatable, both for people performing the specific activity and the company as a whole, operations can be handled and controlled more efficiently - helping you to relax and sleep well at night.

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