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Cloud DevOps Engineer

  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2019
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2019
  • Stockholm

Mentimeter has a large user base (~50 Million), experiences continuously fast growth, but we are a long way from reaching our goal. This puts a lot of demands on the scalability and performance of the architecture of systems. As a Cloud DevOps Engineer at Mentimeter, you will continuously monitor any performance bottlenecks that might appear in business-critical services, and you will address these yourself or together with other engineers at Mentimeter.

You will manage and support the cloud infrastructure, and be a critical part of enabling all engineers in the Product Team to deliver quality code quickly by ensuring our continuous deployment pipeline is as streamlined as possible. To succeed in the role you should be curious about how to build and uphold a large-scale, business-critical system with modern technologies and your responsibilities will include the research, design and implementation of services that can scale in an efficient and reliable manner. It is important that you have a great interest for automating our cloud environments for security, reliability and scale, and build monitoring and observability solutions to ensure overall system health.

Mentimeter is a high transaction system built in React, Redux, Ruby, Node.JS with a PostgreSQL database for persistence, Redis for caching and queuing, AWS Redshift for Business Intelligence, CloudFront as a CDN (with Lambda@Edge), and WebSockets to enable a fast and interactive polling experience. Hosting is done on Heroku and AWS with Continuous Integration using Github and Circle CI. We also utilize GatsbyJS for our static content sites to be able to deliver a blazingly fast experience for our end users.

For many things we do at Mentimeter we always strive to automate and simplify, focusing on keeping our platform advanced enough to support our main use cases but at the same time keeping the complexity low to ensure a low maintenance cost. If there is an external provider or SaaS that provides a good solution we tend to choose that as opposed to building it ourselves in order for us to be able to focus on our core business and keep our development speed high. We expect you to share this vision and balance in your work reaching out to your fellow engineers when needed to take important decisions.

We are in an exciting phase where the platform must evolve in order to ensure continued scalability of the product and our business. You will help make decisions on which architecture and technologies are best suited for our future challenges. We are, for example, looking to build our own WebSocket infrastructure for better control and reliability (perhaps based on Go) and opening up a Public API which will enable the possibility of an ecosystem of new innovations based on Mentimeter technology.

We work in small, independent, self-organizing teams. The team’s Product Manager and Engineering Lead work together to organize and plan the team’s backlog with a Kanban/Scrum-mixed process, with a focus on continuously delivering new features to our users.


  • Balancing “do it yourself” vs “there is a SaaS for that” to find the smartest solution in line with business and product strategy
  • Continuously monitor any performance bottlenecks that might appear in business critical services
  • Suggest actions/changes to address these bottlenecks, be proactive and work with a high degree of autonomy
  • Suggest project that enable all engineers in the product team to deliver quality code fast by ensuring our continuous deployment pipeline is as fast as possible
  • Together with other Fullstack Engineers or by yourself implement features while ensuring the long-term stability of our system and the quality of the code
  • As a Cloud DevOps Engineer be able to take on initiatives and follow others’ requirements
  • Influence which tools, programming languages, and technologies you work with
  • Help ensure we have a smooth software pipeline for continuous and fast delivery
  • Balancing discovery phases with implementation work
  • Be excellent at working both independently and in a team

Work with great people

Full-stack Developer
"All the way from south of south of Stockholm, Emma would prefer to spend all her days in the movie theater. If you stop by the office, Emma will be the one wearing a black cape."
Sales Manager Nordics & US
"World champion runner up in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - BAM, BOM, SMACK! His name means Persian King, and as every loved king he has a kind heart, that is our Chassa!"
Office Mascot
"The youngest member of the team! Ragnar is full of energy and makes sure we exercise by chasing him around the office. "
Content Marketing Manager
"Emma is from the small town Ware (where?) in the UK. A true lover of travels, she's been traveling from Moscow to Beijing with the Trans-Siberian railway. Emma the Explorer!"
Data Analytics Director
"The true global Citizen Sam. She wanted to be a philosopher or psychologist but chose her other big love in life: mathematical science. Now the person in Mentimeter making sure we are data driven."
UI Developer
"Passionate about Motocross, Metro safaris and great user experience. Don't be surprised if you see his name on the big stage in the future talking about how to build rapid tech driven design."

Skills & Requirements

We believe you have:

  • At least 3 years of relevant experience from DevOps work or Fullstack development
  • Academic background (but no certain level needed)
  • A great interest in working with PaaS and automation
  • Experience in debugging performance problems in production environments
  • Experience in reading, understanding and analyzing server logs
  • Experience in building scalable systems
  • Experience in some of the techniques we use (see below)
  • Passion for software development, scalable architecture and product building
  • Care about code quality, testing and automation

It is great if you have experience with:

  • High transaction systems
  • Building modern high performing web-services
  • Hosting on Heroku and AWS
  • Using AWS product like Cloudfront, Lambda,
  • Debugging Postgres performance bottlenecks
  • Database modelling and performance analysis
  • Websocket scaling
  • Configuration of Continuous Deployment solutions
  • Node.js
  • Statically typed Javascript
  • Postgres
  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • Fela (CSS-in-js)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Ruby

Mentimeter is a product-first, gender-equal, tech-heavy, fast-growing, inclusive and profitable startup built by engineers. Back in 2014, we felt that boring and inefficient meetings had to go, so we decided to build a platform to change this. Four years later, we are listed as the fastest growing Swedish startup, have more than 40 million users and customers from over 120 countries; the journey has just begun.

Mentimeter Culture:

The work environment is inclusive, respectful, non-political, fun and very professional. We make sure to excel when we need to, but never overdo it in order to maintain our work-life balance. With 19 different nationalities currently working at Mentimeter, this is one of many ways we show that we embrace diversity.

To embrace other cultures we also re-locate the entire team one month, once a year.

Core values in bullet format:

  • Inclusiveness - transparency, equality and diversity
  • Work smart - good enough, but know when to excel
  • Professionalism - "the consultant mindset"
  • Be humble to other people’s work
  • Have fun

Great Place to Work

  • Competitive salary

  • Expat Relocation Package

  • A diverse, modern and inclusive work environment

  • Pension scheme at ITP level

  • Fast growing startup

  • Personal development opportunities

  • Attractive insurance package

  • Work tools such as cell phone and computer

  • Conference attendance to keep professional edge

  • Wellness allowance 5000 sek / year

  • Annual 1 month inspiration trip

  • External leadership coach for every team member

About the company

Our vision is to transform presentations and meetings into fun and interactive experiences.

We have created a frictionless software with beautiful visualisations that enables leaders to engage their audience.

With Mentimeter, users become the best presenter they can be. Meetings become more productive, participants learn more and have fun whilst doing it.

Our mission is to turn presenters into superstars.

We have more than 40 million users and customers in 120 countries.. on our way of making the world a better place, one presentation at a time!

2018-01-02Mentimeter has found its recipe for success - the company moves to Lisbon in 2018: http://bit.ly/2CviVxE

2017-01-15The entire Mentimeter team moves temporarily to Barcelona for one month to get inspiration: http://bit.ly/2Cx1MDB

2016-08-15Point Nine Capital lists Mentimeter as one of the most interesting SaaS companies in the Nordics: http://bit.ly/2CwKNRX

2016-01-27Mentimeter temporarily moves to San Francisco to join Dave McClure's 500startups: http://bit.ly/2CzSoPV

2015-08-11Mentimeter has unique collaboration with Way Out West in Gothenburg: http://bit.ly/2Cz6ocG

2015-07-13Won Best User Interface in Microsoft Office App Store: http://bit.ly/2CxaHVE Runner up was a company based in San Francisco with $500M in investment

2015-02-23Mentimeter in Dagens Nyheter: http://bit.ly/2CwQ0Ju

2014-11-14Mentimeter Crew goes to Slush in Helsinki and Johnny is speaker: http://bit.ly/2CyBDEn

2014-06-07Angel Investment from Per Appelgren, Meg Charles-Horn, Lars Wiklund and Fredrik Linder

Aida Berbic | Hiring Manager

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