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Summer job in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg!

  • Application Deadline: May 16, 2019
  • Malmö +4 more

In our Face-to-Face program the major part of your working hours would be spent talking to people, informing them about UNHCR:s work and recruiting new monthly donors. It is therefore important that you are an outward, social and pro-argumental individual. As a Frontliner you are part of a engaged team that are making a difference every day. You will get continuous education in recruiting and communicational techniques, and also an insight in the work of UNHCR.

Become a representative of the fundraising to the UN Refugee Agency and help the people that have been forcibly displaced!

We are looking for staff to our four summer campaigns, se dates below. Every campaign goes on for three weeks and you have to be available to work the whole campaign. You can’t take any holiday during the campaign periods three weeks, so what you do is that you choose the period or periods that you know you can work. There is also a chance to full-or part time job during the spring and/or fall.


  • Engage people to become monthly donors to the organisation

Skills & Requirements

About You

  • You are at least at 18 years old
  • You are super good at engaging with people
  • You are Positive, Forward and social
  • You are Targeted and Focused
  • You have a passion for human rights and refugee issues
  • You have some experience in sales/fundraising/promoting
  • You can enjoy work regardless of weather, from heating sun to blistering rain.
  • You can express yourself well in Swedish or English
  • You can work during one or several of the campaign periods. (see below for dates)

We are recruiting continously, you are very welcome with you application allready today!

Campaign Periods:

You are welcome to apply to one or more of our campaing periods:

➱Campaign 1: 3/6-30/6
➱Campaign 2: 1/7-28/7
➱Campaign3: 29/7-25/8

Great Place to Work

  • Arbete för en global humanitär organisation

  • God inblick i UNHCR:s arbete

  • Härlig teamkänsla & engagerade kollegor

  • Möjlighet till tillsvidarekontrakt efter 6 månader

  • Arbete 31 h/veckan med fast timlön

  • Utbildning i sälj-och-kommunikationsteknik

  • Möjlighet att avancera internt

  • Arbete där du verkligen gör skillnad!

  • Möjlighet till deltid-eller heltidsjobb i höst

  • A job were jo make real difference!

  • Opportunity to indeterminate contract

  • 31 h work week

  • Education in sales & fundraising

  • Opportunity to advance internally

  • Joyful team spririt and engaged colleagues

  • Great insight of the UN Refugee Agency

  • Work for a global humanitarian NGO

  • Continue part-or fulltime this fall!

About the company

UNHCR gives refugees and other forcibly displaced persons emergency assistance, protect their rights and help them create a better future. Sweden For UNHCR has a 90-account and is a swedish partner to UNHCR. Many of the refugee emergencies is unknown to the most of us. UNHCR, UN:s Refugee Agency, is situated around the world to help those people, including those that get next to none and no media exposure at all. UNHCR gives lifesaving emergency assistance such as; roof over their heads, food and water, protects the basic human rights and bring front solutions that gives people on the run a safe place where they can create a safe and sound future.


68.5 miljoner68.5 miljoner människor är på flykt i världen – fler än någonsin tidigare. För tredje året i rad är siffran rekordhög. Krig och våld är orsaken.

50 procentBarn utgör hälften av världens flyktingar.

1 av 113 Krig, våld och förföljelse orsaker ett enormt mänskligt lidande. 68,5 miljoner innebär att i genomsnitt har en människa av 113 i världen tvingats på flykt. Det är fler än befolkningen i Storbritannien.

Vem är flykting?En flykting är en person som flytt sitt land med anledning av en välgrundad fruktan för förföljelse på grund av ras, religion, tillhörighet till en viss samhällsgrupp eller politisk uppfattning.

Human FactsHuman Facts

68.5 million68.5 million people are today forcably displaced - this is the highest amount in modern time. War and violence is the reason.

50 procentHalf of the worlds refugees are children.

1 of 113War, violence and persecution force people to flee their homes. 68,5 million people means that it is 1 out of 113 people on this earth, that is forced to leave it all and risk their lifes together with their family.

Who is a refugee?A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee their country because of persecution, war or violence, and has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular group.

Katinka Michal | Hiring Manager

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