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Frontend Engineer

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DigiExam is a tool used by students and teachers to perform exams and assessments. A typical week over 50 000 exams are handed-in using DigiExam which means that your work will have a direct impact on a lot of people.

Your role will be to build the interface for DigiExam. Which means that you will be working with things such as new ways to compose and grade exam questions and answers, accessibility tools such as text-to-speech, spell check, WYSIWYG editors for composing math, rich text and other content and interfaces that allow teachers and students to collaborate and organize their content more efficiently.

In addition to building the interface you will also have responsibility for the tooling and processes around the frontend, we currently have automated processes for building, testing and deploying the platform to production and mandatory code reviews of all changes in the platform before they hit the master branch.

The team you will work with consists of four fullstack developers, one backend developer and one UX-designer. You will work closely with the UX-designer to fully understand the user’s problem and how to best solve it, and the other developers in order to agree upon how you are going to fit the solution into the platform.

Technologies we currently use are AngularJS, SASS, Gulp, Electron, NodeJS and Karma. The platform is hosted on Google Cloud Platform as a SaaS service and we utilize a lot of their services.

We expect that:

  • You can provide support to developers and UX/UI-designers regarding frontend development best practices and techniques
  • You are able to take pragmatic technical design and tooling decisions
  • You know how to organize code in a modular manner
  • You know how to deliver an outstanding frontend for a product
  • You have a genuine interest in frontend development and you stay up-to-date with the latest tooling

We can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Work remotely in Sweden
  • Work with a platform used by thousands of teachers and students worldwide daily
  • Use innovative technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Electron etc and be a core member of a smaller team
  • Work in a development team with short release cycles and great dev processes

Apply to this position by sending your CV, cover letter and portfolio using Jobylon or in an e-mail to robin.andersson@digiexam.se.

Work with great people

Carl Nardini
"Grit and tenacity takes you far, adding a smile to your face takes you even longer. "
Sabina Agic
Business Development, North America
"Don't be just good, be awesome!"

Skills & Requirements

  • You are an excellent JavaScript developer
  • You have a good understanding of web performance and modern component based frontend architecture
  • You have professional experience as a frontend developer
  • Merit if you have experience with other programming languages - especially C++ since Electron uses it for Node modules

Great Place to Work

  • 6 weeks paid vacation

  • Breakfast at the office every morning

  • Occupational pension (Tjänstepension)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Private health insurance

  • Wellness grant (Friskvårdsbidrag), 5000kr/year

About the company

DigiExam is the leading digital exam platform to create, deliver and grade exams and academic tests. Through a comprehensive, integrated set of tools the platform makes life easier for instructors and teachers to prepare and grade exams, helps students to take tests more efficiently and to reach their full potential. On a institutional level DigiExam helps to offer a more qualitative education and saves the environment and institutions money by reducing paper wastage. DigiExam is intuitive, reliable and secure and currently serves 3,000 universities and schools worldwide.

2014Product released from beta, we reached 30+ schools using the system and 7 employees. Also got our first own office!

2015Started our expansion and reached 60+ paying customers!

2016 A team that is growing in a fast pace, expansion accelerates, a total of 600,000 handed in exams and 160 paying customers!

2017Milestone: 1,000,000 handed in exams in DigiExam! Establishing a fast growing business we reach over 250 paying customers using our software on a day to day basis.

2018During 2018 DigiExam has successfully expanded into the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, India and UK, both within K12 and Higher Education. +2,500,000 handed in exams +300 paying customers

2019-05We reach over 3,000,000 handed in exams! Our work and experience in Sweden has changed how assessments are done throughout the School system. Currently over 50,000 exams are handed in per week from 400 paying customers and 260,000 students.

Robin Andersson | Hiring Manager

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