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Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Jimmy Hanna

Job Description

Hi im Jimmy Hanna, Co-founder & CEO of Fairlo.

Listen, me and my colleagues respect your time and dont want to make you loose any. Also, the one we are looking for doesn’t have time to read this kind of things anyway. So lets cut to the chase:

We are Fairlo and we are on a mission building the only real user friendly bank on the planet. A bank with gamification experience at its core. To meet this challenge, we are now looking for the most interesting UX/UI human being in Stockholm, ready to build services for the world.

We can see you have a humble soul but we also sense you are more than just an awesome designer. You are also a curious human being that wants to be highly involved in innovating and creating tomorrows financial services and products. Financial background is not mandatory, we believe you are a human being that understand other human beings regardless of situation, history and background. Already you have started to feel how your energy is bubbling when you think of all the possibilities that can emerge when joining us here at Fairlo. Only the future can tell!

Short about Fairlo:
Launched less than a year ago,
already have paying customers,
growing by hundreds every month,
approved as hottest Fintech Startup by Stockholm Innovation & Growth,
just closed an investment round with amazing investors,
team of seven and growing,
share offices with a global AI company in center of Stockholm.

What we offer?
You already know. You tell us that. And anyway we will do this together right?

Email us and let us know you exist. We want you.

About the company

Fairlo is a Fintech ScaleUp that launches a new era for unexpected expenses. With cutting edge technology, Fairlo creates financial solutions for the new generation of people. First out is a small loan that challenges everything else. From now on you can solve an unexpected expense on equal terms. With one click and no fees, you can change the amortization plan, postpone, pay any amount or end the entire loan at any time. Negotiate with yourself, you now own your loan.

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