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Lead Cloud Architect (AWS)
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Location: Helsinki

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Katriina Karlsson

Job Description

So here’s the deal: we are growing and the demand for our cloud services is continuously increasing. In 2018, our cloud team had some pretty nice projects. Through machine learning, we were helping one of our media sector customers to increase their audio content’s search engine findability. One of our healthcare sector customers wanted us to experiment machine learning and advanced data analytics for predicting patient flows. We’ve implemented a fully managed GCP platform for global logistics services. We’ve build a highly secure environment for pharma companies handling private patient data. And then of course one of our biggest projects was St1 launching a financial company and Apple Pay in Finland. Our part was to support them by building the GCP backend on top of Kubernetes, the St1 Way Finland mobile app and its infrastructure and the Apple Pay integration.

Those were some of the projects that kept our cloud people busy last year. We rock the CGP and now we want to master the AWS too. That’s why we are looking for a Lead Cloud Architect (AWS) to work with the cloud team. Although we sometimes hire juniors to grow inside Qvik, this is not that kind of a position.


Your strong expertise will be needed especially in our upcoming media, healthcare and logistics cases. Your previous AWS experience ensures that you will be easily absorbed into our projects and their environments. Your daily work will consist of designing and building architectures and infrastructures, microservices and scalable backends. You will be training and consulting our customers on the best technologies and solutions. You usually are involved in the projects already in the sales phase. This is definitely a position where you can greatly influence things and create the way we are doing AWS consulting at Qvik. Your closest colleagues are our Head of Cloud, Jari, our team of backend developers and cloud architects, and our data scientist Mikko.


We are looking for a senior expert who has seen how dramatically businesses benefit from the cloud. Someone who is a hands-on backend developer and troubleshoots complex technical problems on a daily basis and loves it. Someone who kicks ass in anything that runs on the cloud platform. Someone who thinks orchestrating containers instead of servers is the best thing. Someone who thinks being agile rocks.

Deep understanding of, among others, network design, serverless design patterns, container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker), cloud native architecture designs and managed services in general are needed. You should be well-versed in Python, AWS CLI and/or IaC. For our current projects, you should also have good Finnish skills. Having an open mind for learning new things and playing around with the latest technology available is seen as a definite plus. Last but not least, you should love to help out others and think outside of the box for the benefit of our clients.


Our office is located in the heart of Helsinki in Kamppi shopping center office spaces.

We offer our low hierarchy culture; opportunities to try, fail and succeed; as well as a chance for you to concentrate on your actual work. That’s what you would come here for, right?

Our benefits package is also pretty nice with flexible working hours, the work equipment of your choice; lunch coupons; commuter, culture and sports benefits; occupational health care with extra insurance; company-paid massage; and many sports and hobby possibilities with other Qvikies.

In addition to many work-related guilds and other development opportunities, we arrange a lot of internal and external get-togethers and events throughout the year, in Finland and abroad.

Send an application - We’ll fill the positions as soon as we find the right match!

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Qvik has a strong background in designing & developing mobile services for our customers - but we haven't stopped there. Today we offer full digital solutions with robust and scalable cloud backends.

We hire people who want to do more than just code and design. Qvikies lead, support and make an impact. We make meaningful happen. We are Qvik.

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