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Data Scientist

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Accelerate the world’s transition to a clean, affordable and reliable energy system. This is our quest and vision at Greenlytics. We are building the software that will be the brain allowing for tomorrow's renewable, distributed and smart energy system.

Uncertainty in the power production is one of the key factors holding back accelerated integration of renewable energy into the power grid globally. We make hard operation and dispatch decisions easy and reduce uncertainty for our customers. This is done by unlocking the latent value in weather, market and production/consumption data, transforming it into actionable insights. That’s exactly what Greenlytics is all about.

Our technology is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that forecast, optimize and control distributed energy resources to increase their value in the power system and market.

What have we accomplished?

Since the incorporation of Greenlytics in 2018, we have developed an energy forecasting algorithm that gives state-of-the-art results when tested against competition in vendor trials. The forecasting service is currently running in live mode for our customers.

What is the challenge?

We are currently looking for a data scientist that will help us to further develop and prove our technology together with our pilot customers and research partners. During the pilots we will clearly show the business value of using our products, making it a no-brainer for the customers to implement them operationally. Typical data science challenges could be:

  1. Develop probabilistic wind and solar power forecasts given weather forecast and measurement data.
  2. Formulate and optimize market and grid operations of renewable energy using probabilistic forecasts and scenarios.
  3. Build up a continuously updated petabyte scale data hub with weather, market and production/consumption data.
  4. Develop a big data architecture for efficient iteration and deployment of data science algorithms.

We work on continuously make small progress and grow together as a team to achieve these challenges.

Your responsibilities:

  1. Develop and maintain forecasting and optimization algorithms.
  2. Implement and deploy data science algorithms to production using big data platforms.
  3. Benchmark and debug critical issues with the algorithms and software as they arise.
  4. Work together with meteorologists and domain experts to understand relevant and important datasets.
  5. Develop APIs that serves results from computational models to customers and front-end applications.
  6. Work closely with customers and research partners to assure best possible project outcomes.
  7. Help solve expected and unexpected day-to-day startup problems.

Your profile:

  1. You have a MSc. or PhD. in computer science, engineering physics, electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, operations research or similar.
  2. Solid understanding of mathematics, probability theory, statistics and machine learning and optimization.
  3. Experience with data visualization.
  4. Experience of working with open source programming languages such as Python/R/Julia for data science and Python/Java/Scala for big data.
  5. Experience of data science frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pyomo and JuliaOpt.
  6. Experience from working with cloud architectures such as AWS, GCP and Azure.
  7. Experience with the UNIX terminal and shell scripting.
  8. Experience with relational databases (SQL).
  9. Strong communication skills in English.
  10. Positive about learning, team-worker and does not give up easily.
  11. Genuinely believes in our vision and wants to contribute in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Nice to have:

  1. Experience with time series analysis and forecasting using statistical and machine learning methods.
  2. Experience with stochastic programming methods.
  3. Understanding of and experience with Big Data/NoSQL frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop/MapReduce, HDFS, etc.
  4. Understanding of power market, meteorology and energy technologies.
  5. Ability to present and explain complex technical topics in a simple and pedagogical way.

Why join us?

  • Your work will have an direct impact on increasing competitiveness of renewable energy, which contributes to solve climate change.
  • Work in a high growth company with flexible work that is challenging and rewarding.
  • We are a passionate and curiosity driven team that are supporting and challenging each other.
  • Cooperate and learn together with senior data scientists from RISE SICS (sics.se).
  • Salary and lively office space in startup environment
  • Favourable opportunity to receive equity in the company.

We are a small team and you would be playing a key role in the development of the company.

We are constantly meeting interesting people. So, if you’re interested, please write to us today and we’ll get back to you right away.

About the company

We at Greenlytics are on a quest to develop the software that will be the brain allowing for tomorrow's renewable and distributed energy system.

By unlocking the latent value in the data and transform it into actionable insights, we make hard decisions easy for our customers. This is achieved using algorithms the builds on machine learning to forecast, optimise and control distributed energy resources to increase their value in the power system and market.

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi | Hiring Manager

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