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Platform Engineer

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Oslo
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Oslo

In Vipps we’re on a mission to make life easier for people and businesses through smart payments and identification solutions. First we simplified peer-to-peer payments and replaced account numbers with phone numbers. In six months, we reached a million downloads. Today more than half of Norway’s population uses Vipps. That said, we are far from finished!

We think cloud first and build our platform on Azure. We are curious about new technology, both within Azure and outside. We use PaaS services where we can, run our applications on Kubernetes and do tailoring when we have to. We mostly write services in Go, but also do some coding in Java and Python with a bit of bash scripting thrown in for fun. Experimenting with serverless options is also on the table. Automation and developer happiness is at the core of what we do. We strive to use the best tool for the job without getting religious about our technical choices. We happily document the stuff we do, when needed, but aim for simplicity in our deliveries, so they don´t need a 50 page manual to be understood.

Our team in Oslo is looking for a platform engineer to strengthen our team. Are you the one?

You will join the team that continuously improves the Vipps platform, by experimenting and delivering new technology to the development teams. This includes the responsibility for designing, building, deploying and maintaining common services and APIs on the platform. Automating and scripting everything from enviroment setup to our CICD pipeline is also an important part of the job. You will own your features in production, measure their impact and handle any related issues. You will communicate with stakeholders to deliver high quality solutions and take an active part in improving our current tooling, standards and processes.

Skills & Requirements

You are a passionate and pragmatic about your work. You strive to automate and deliver with high quality and speed. There's a balance to maintain there and you do your best to find the right balance.

You enjoy working on a team. You code, script and document with your teammates in mind. You know you can learn a lot from everyone around you.

You believe in what you're doing here and you take ownership of what you work on. When issues come up, you dive right in and get us back on track. When we celebrate successes, you are humble about your achievements

Our team live by the following ideals - are you a match?

  • Quality: We prefer to keep things simple with good attention to detail.
  • Shipping: We want to constantly be delivering code.
  • Collaboration: Our best work is done as a team. We succeed (and fail) together.
  • Experimentation: We believe in the merits of hypothesis-driven experimentation, continuous deployment and validated learning.
  • Open Source: We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

We are soon moving into our brand new office in Bjørvika, Oslo. Not to mention, we have top pension and insurance. We work hard, but enjoy our vacation too. So how about 6 weeks of vacation? Sound good? Get in touch! Applying is just as easy as paying with Vipps; push the button, answer a few questions and "vipps"- you have applied.

About the company

Historien om Vipps er egentlig som et lite eventyr. I løpet av seks måneder ble vi lastet ned én million ganger, og på tre år har vi blitt nær sagt allemannseie i Norge. Med 3 millioner brukere har Vipps blitt en naturlig del av nordmenns betalingshverdag. Vi har til og med blitt et verb, det er ganske moro egentlig.

Vi startet med vennebetaling og har siden den gang lansert betalingsløsninger for person til bedrift, netthandel, faktura og betaling i butikk. Om vi skal gi oss med det? Å nei du, på ingen måte.

Nylig fusjonerte vi med verdensledende aktører innenfor betaling- og identifiseringsteknologi, BankAxept og BankID og utvikler nå tjenester for norske og internasjonale brukere.

Vi er i dag ca. 150 Vippsere som stiller til start; utviklere, produkthoder, selgere, markedsførere og økonomifolk. Sammen skal vi sette en ny standard for betaling og ID-tjenester, med merkevarene Vipps, BankAxept og BankID, i Norge og i andre markeder.

Klikk her for å se de andre utlyste stillingene.

Mai 2015Vipps ser dagens lys

Nov 2015Vipps passerer 1 mill nedlastninger

Mars 2016Endelig kan man vippse til bedrifter, lag og foreninger

Juni 201690 % av alle nordmenn kjenner til Vipps og vi passerer 2 millioner nedlastninger

Okt 2016Med Vipps på nett og Vipps Faktura begynner vi reisen mot å gjøre Vipps til normalen for all type betaling

Feb 2017107 norske banker går sammen for å satse på én løsning og vi fusjonerer med mCash

August 2017Vi flytter inn i splitter nye lokaler i Bjørvika

Juli 2018Vi fusjonerer med BankAxept og BankID

Sven Malvik | Hiring Manager

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