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Agile leader for Data management

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Gothenburg

When developing software algorithms for harsh environments, such as driver monitoring algorithms for automotive applications it is crucial to test and validate the algorithms on a large number of drivers, eg. with different ethnicities, age, gender, behavior and driving in different environments.

Our Data Management team has responsibility for data recordings, processing, synthesis, annotation, storage, analysis and presentation. Data consists mainly of huge amounts of video with associated meta data, but can also encompass data from other sensors such as GPS-sensors or time-of-flight cameras.

The team is running a continuous process to deliver value in smaller activities and larger projects. Usually it involves the whole process: a test environment needs to be set up, new video data is to be recorded, the data needs to be processed and we run advanced calculations for KPI measurements and lastly we need to present the statistical data in a report delivered to both internal and external customers.

Part of the process is making sure video data is manually annotated for ground truth as training and testing sets both for image processing and neural network training. For this we are working with suppliers and with a pool of local students.

Because many things are happening at the same time and sometimes priorities shift quickly, we believe than an agile working methodology is suitable. We are therefore using Kanban or Scrum, depending on activity.

We are now looking for a person who serves as a spider in the web to ensure successful deliveries for these activities according to the plan. The projects are carried out together with our other talented and highly motivated team members, and in this role you are responsible to keep it together.

Reporting to: Data Management manager
Location: Smart Eye AB, Headquarters (Gothenburg)

The work consists of:

· Plan the team activities, ensuring the daily team meetings, conduct sprint reviews and retrospectives.

· Communicating with the rest of the company for data management related activities and deliveries

· Handling the student pool for annotation and following up activities for our other annotation suppliers

· Provide with your hands-on help in the team, whether it's about acting as recording leader, building a new measurement setup or running calculation scripts.

· Working closely together with the team manager in the evolvement of the team business

Work with great people

Markus Lindelöw
"The best thing about working at Smart Eye is waking up on Sunday and looking forward to Monday."
Patrik Jansson
Support and Commissioning Engineer
"Life is too short to devote to anything that doesn't inspire & motivate. A continuously evolving environment enables me to grow and perhaps even more importantly - to be me. And I rock at being me!"
Charlotta Wadman

Skills & Requirements

Required qualifications

  • University degree (M.Sc or B.Sc.) within technical related fields; computer science, software, IT, image processing, data, etc.

  • Having worked minimum 3-5 years in related fields

  • Well accustomed to working in agile processes, Kanban and/or Scrum.

  • Fluent in Swedish and English, both spoken and written

Meritous qualifications

  • Leadership experience from product development, eg. agile leader, project manager
  • Scrum master certification
  • Programming in C/C++, C# or Python

Personal skills

We think that you are a person with a strong drive to getting things delivered and done to the right quality level at the agreed plan. Also you are interested in your own development as a leader and as part of a team. As in all leadership, communication skills are very important and can be the crucial factor to success.

Great Place to Work

  • Groundbreaking

  • Persistent

  • High-tech

  • Human

About the company

Bridging the gap between man and machine since 1999. Smart Eye develops artificial intelligence (AI) powered eye tracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions. By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, our technology can draw conclusions about an individual’s alertness, attention, focus and gain insights into a person’s awareness and mental status.

Today, our eye tracking technology is embedded in the next generation of vehicles, helping the automotive industry take another step towards safer and more eco-friendly transportation. Our research instruments offer unparalleled performance in complex, real-world situations, paving the way for new insights in aerospace, aviation, psychology, neuroscience, medical and clinical research.

Smart Eye is headquarted in Gothenburg, Sweden and has offices in Michigan, USA, Tokyo, Japan and Chongqing, China, as well as having partners, resellers and distributors in Europe, USA and APAC. Its solutions are used by more than 700 clients all over the world by leading research groups, brands and labs such as US Air Force, Nasa, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Audi, Boeing, Volvo, GM, and many more.

2018Additional design wins for an existing European customer

201818th design win from one of China’s largest car manufacturers with SOP 2019. The order value is estimated to exceed 100 MSEK and 23 design wins in total

2018Opening of offices in Tokyo, Japan and Chongqing, China

2017Design win with a European premium car manufacturer with SOP 2019

2017The first time that eyetracking software is being procured for all car models of a production platform at the same time and 13 design wins from a European premium car manufacturer

2017US office opened in Detroit

2016IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

2015Launch of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system

2008Embedded AntiSleep, a collaboration with Visteon whereby the system is integrated in a camera with a built-in processor

2005AntiSleep is launched for the automotive industry as the first system with a camera and full 3D measurement

2002 Smart Eye Pro® is launched with three cameras and measurement in 3D; the first customer is Delphi Automotive

2001First system sale of two cameras to SAAB Automobile

1999Smart Eye is founded

Smart Eye AB

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